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The Metaphysical Power of the Tarot

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The Metaphysical Power of the Tarot

We are all familiar with the Tarot as a divination tool that can give us insights into the future. But very few are privy to the power of the cards to assist in matters of meditation and manifestation.

Law of attraction

Much is being said these days about the law of attraction and the power of our thought to influence reality. There is a great metaphysical truth to these two subjects, but some of the techniques that are presented to operate these laws are either somewhat flawed or even made to be over-complicated. 

The way in which we use the law of attraction is to program our subconscious mind with the mental blueprint of what we want to experience in the material realm. The most efficient way to program the subconscious mind is through words and images. The subconscious mind is the place where the spark of divinity resides in every human being. It is referred to in the Bible as, “the heart of man.” Many of the great spiritual leaders of the past have told us that whatever we believe, in our heart, shall come to pass. Thus, whatever is believed as true in the subconscious mind, will be out pictured in our reality.

Using Tarot visualization

Some individuals use the process of visualization and affirmation to program the subconscious mind. But many have trouble creating and holding a picture in the mind for a prolonged period of time. This is where the Tarot can assist us in a very powerful way. The Tarot is rich with arcane symbols that have been around for centuries and speak very effectively to the subconscious mind. 

Gazing at the symbols in one of the cards for five to ten minutes and stating a simple affirmation is a magnificent way to imprint the subconscious mind quickly and manifest your desires into reality.

An example

As an example of this method, let us look at the Two of Cups from the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

 The Two of cups is a powerful card to use in healing our physical bodies, relationships and even our emotions. The card depicts a lion’s head with eagle’s wings on either side of it. The lion’s face represents the power of Spirit and the wings spread out show that Spirit is present everywhere and resides over all things. Descending from the lion’s head is the caduceus, which is an ancient symbol of healing and restoration. The man and woman below are holding forth their cups, ready to receive the blessings of Spirit which will bring about health and rejuvenation to all things. The man and woman also represent the balancing of the male and female energies within us all. The balancing of these energies is essential to harmony in every aspect of our lives. A good affirmation to use with the Two of cups might be, “the Divine Spirit dwells within me, I am healthy and balanced in every area of my life... all is well.”

In conclusion

Using this method with the Tarot is truly open-ended and tailor made for the individual. Going through the deck and finding images that speak to you is the first step in the process. Even if you are not skilled in the meaning of esoteric symbols, you can find a card that will speak to you through its picture and images. 

Learning a little about the meaning of the cards can also be tremendously helpful in aiding you in this procedure. After you choose a card, simply craft a short, personal affirmation -  and you on your way to manifesting your desires.


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