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The Value of Time

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The Value of Time

How much time do you have?

It’s all too often that we get caught up in the everyday stresses and strains of life and forget to realise that time is passing us bye. Time is a strange thing because none of us ever know just how much of it we have left. It’s not something you can buy, it is something that you must spend carefully and it is something that you should value. There are clocks to tell us the hour of the day, but no measure of the days in your life.

Value the moment.

Imagine for a moment that this was your last day. (And it is for some). What is it you would like to do before the sunsets for the last time? Where in the world would you like to go? And what would you say to those you love to console them on your leaving? Remember that you can take nothing with you; you must leave this world as you came in.

Sacred memories

You leave this life with just you, and the memories and the love of those you have left here. Suddenly all those little disagreements mean nothing, and “I will do it tomorrow” means nothing. There is only now, and whatever you do now, will be remembered forever.

Realizing the miracle of life 

It’s the morning of your last day. And you step out of bed to see the sunrise. Look how it fills the sky with daylight. The red line in the distance becoming yellow, and suddenly the birds start to sing in the day with the dawn chorus, just like the very first of their kind did on the very first morning. You dress and eat and head down to leave the house. Your family are all having breakfast at the table, maybe fighting over who is finished in the bathroom and who has not had a chance to use it yet. The toast is burned; they are late for school or work and barely have time to glance back as they run out the door to start their day.

Experience the moment

Now isn’t this just an example of how we take things for granted. Most days we wouldn’t even look at the sunrise. We wouldn’t care about the hustle and bustle of the breakfast table, but this is how life is lived. We need to stop and take every moment and experience the moment. Make sure that before they leave the house you say good bye and never leave on a bad note, because you don’t know if it is their last day. Is any argument worth a lifetime of why didn’t I?

Value those you meet

The people you meet throughout your day: any one of them could be on their last journey and not know it, and you could be the last person they meet. Take time to make it a pleasant encounter. If the last thing you did was make their last day a good experience, then you can ask for no more. The old lady or gentlemen at the bus stop who are on the last part of the journey. Show them some respect, as one day this could be you. With your body tired and not working so well, and after a lifetime of memories the last ones should be pleasant ones.


The saddest fact of this world is that some children and young people also pass over early. It is perhaps saddest because we will never get to see the adult they would have grown to be. Adults pass on full of achievements while children pass on full of questions. We have no answers for why, and perhaps there are no answers, but it highlights just how precious time is. Our journey through this world is a fast one. In the time the planet is here, your entrance and leaving is as fleeting as a breeze.

Empowering the moment

Today, let’s pretend it’s your last day. Treat everyone as though you are leaving them or they are leaving you. Show them respect and make it your goal to make their day a little lighter. It could be the last time you see that person, and you could be the last person they saw in this world. Make the memory of that meeting a good one.