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Tyler Fischer video - who's the real fake?

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Tyler Fischer video - who

Every day I get alerts when something of interest to me appears on the internet. This week, I’ve had a lot of alerts about Tyler Fischer’s New York psychics video, which seems to have been picked up by a swathe of media outlets.

Tyler's thesis

If you haven’t seen the video, which is posted on YouTube, have a look at it. It’s a convenient 2min 13secs in length. And to be honest, I think Tyler needs the publicity (compare the number of views the “psychic” video has received with the number of views for his other videos).

Whether you agree with his thesis or not – that street psychics in New York give different answers to the same questions and therefore must be fakes – I think you’ll be surprised by how pointless the exercise is: what Tyler does is neither an expose nor is it funny. 

Who's the real fake?

From the start, Tyler announces himself as a comedian and then spends the rest of the video confusing humor with sarcasm (a fault I have to admit in paragraph 2 above).

Contacting a psychic is a very intimate experience and you have to give to get. There needs be a genuine connection for a reading to work: there must be openness. Fischer can hardly describe himself as being open to a psychic reading. He doesn’t want to discover truths – he wants to promote himself. This begs the question: who is the real fake in this video?

There is also an onus on the person seeking a psychic reading to find out if they have a potential connection with a psychic. Fischer seems to have randomly picked out any available psychics on a Manhattan street.

On 7th Sense Psychics, you can read profiles of all our psychics, listen to what they have to say about themselves and also read user reviews from people who have had readings from us. 

Strange truths

Oddly enough, some of what the psychics say in the video are unexpectedly pertinent to Tyler, our secret investigator.

“You never thought about writing TV shows?”, one psychic suggests.

“I‘ve had some ideas about those…yeah”, he admits.

Most startlingly, towards the end of the video, a psychic asks “Is this being recorded? I keep picking up …frequency.” (Tyler uses a hidden video camera to record his session).

Lost in Manahattan

Perhaps Tyler's half-cocked efforts to make a video about Manhattan psychics is summed up by a comment by one of those who was secretly filmed.

“I see a great talent in you but I think you’re very lost,” she says.

Me too, Tyler.

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