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Valuing yourself in a relationship

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Valuing yourself in a relationship

Love is the land we all seek.

Each of us has questions about love. Will we find it? And if we do, will it be for life? 

Doubt is like a disease

When difficulties arise in a relationship, doubt seeps in and with this doubt comes a whittling away of self-confidence. A stream of questions arise.

Is it true Love? How do I know? What does the future hold? Will the relationship be long-lasting? What energy is affecting my relationship? Do I need to assert myself to create a happier relationship?

When questions like these arise in your head, where do you turn? 

Jannette's Phonecast

Jannette turned to 7th Sense Psychics and then granted us permission to use her chat as a Phonecast  (scroll down the recordings until you find hers or just listen to it on YouTube). At the very least, if you're in a similar position, you will realize that you are not alone. 

Talking to a psychic can provide the help you are seeking

In matters of love, finding a gifted, sensitive psychic can be a huge help. A psychic love reading can provide valuable insights into the energy around you and can give positive momentum and direction to your search for True Love.

In Jannette's reading, our 7th Sense psychic encourages this delicate woman to value herself more highly. She helps guide her to a place of  self-assurance, inner belief and increased confidence.

Showing the way

In relationships, spirit and attitude are everything. Appreciating and loving yourself is fundamental to personal growth and happy loving relationships. And being  assertive helps develop real self-worth. 

The reader helps Jannette clarify her true needs in a relationship; doing this enables her to make better choices in her search for a partner. The psychic works on healing Jannette's sadness. The result is our subject is inspired to move forward with clarity, confident that she will eventually meet the right person for her. 

The power of psychic guidance

Tarot card readings help us make better choices. This leads to healthier relationships. Psychic love readings can provide necessary insight and guidance. They help us focus on the path forward and how to make positive changes in our lives.

Talking to a psychic strengthens our will and enlightens our mind. It helps us assert ourselves and takes us closer to achieving our goals in love and in life.

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