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Virgo Tarotscope 2016

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Virgo Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The four of Pentacles shows Virgos, that the beginning of the year from January to April appears to be quiet profitable on the financial end of things. But it is important to keep things balanced as you move through the early four months of the year. This will ensure that the remaining parts will have a solid foundation, from which you can launch yourself on any path you see fit as the year moves on.  Balancing is the name of the game, and if you can put yourself ahead then by all means do so. Pentacles also speak about things that we value in a material sense. For some of you this could be property or for others finance. So if you are seeking to purchase property or perhaps this is the ideal time to be looking. Go with your feelings on this one, as the right home is heading your way. You must feel secure in any decisions you make regarding moving right now. Remember the word balance as you wind your way through the early months of 2016, and if you can manage this, then you are winning the race to success in anything you set out to do for the rest of the year.

May to August, The Ace of Pentacles points to an opportunity which is too good to be missed, this should be arriving during the summer months of May to August. The energy of the sun gives you the push you need to help you to move forward while being brave about your decisions. Normally you would let these slip by while being apprehensive but not this time. The Suns energy is working its magic. Something is pushing you into taking this opportunity and running with it. Make the most of this new found ambition, we have to make hay while the sun shines and there is no time like the present. For future security you will have to sacrifice something to achieve your goal, but time is well spent and worth the returns you receive.  Someone in your close circle has the ability to connect you to a long held dream. Perhaps it is through their personal contacts which they may not even be aware of themselves. Being open about where it is you want to be in the future, could be the spark that lights the fire to successes to come. Reach for the stars, there is no reason why not.

September to December, The Eight of Cups for the months of September to December, shows that you have the opportunity to make yourself happy. But that you also may need to take time out and think things through. If you are going to follow your heart’s desire, be sure that it is aimed in the right direction. Keep your dreams in the forefront of your mind at all times while moving through these last few months of the year. Don’t run at the first thing that offers you a way out, think about it carefully before you make a move. At least this way you will be sure of where you are going. You have covered much ground this year, and you want to carry only the successes into the next year. The end of the year is approaching, and you don’t only want to close it on a good note, but you also want to be sure that the new one will start on a good note. Keep your head up and stay confident. Tie up all loose ends, and try to remain positive as you move forward. A negative mind never attracted positive things. Favours received must now be returned, as karma requires you to do your part.  You are a very important part of someone’s ability to succeed this year.

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