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What your Halloween costume says about you

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What your Halloween costume says about you

Does your choice of costume reveal hidden facets of your personality?

Some people believe that choosing a Halloween costume doesn't require much thought at all. For them Halloween is an evening for having fun, dressing up and partying. At most, the costume we choose allows us to pretend to be someone else, explore a theme and “become" the person we mimic. It's a Halloween tradition we enjoy acting out!

But maybe it's more than just dressing up

However, there is another way to view Halloween dressing up. A set of behavioral psychologists insist that our costume choices are not random. Kit Yarrow, an award-winning consumer research psychologist, professor and author of “The Why behind the Buy” insists that “…costume is a display of our dark side, creativity and developmental needs”. This theory contends we pick costumes according to our inner likings, needs and desires: we are what we choose to wear.

So at Halloween - a night of fantasy and fun - our costume choices might reveal more about our true natures than we realize:

- Fantasy Characters

Dressing up as a fantasy character might demonstrate a desire to have supernatural powers, and that we enjoy escaping from our normal existence. Possibly that we are dissatisfied in some significant way with our life.

- Horror Creatures

Scary dress-up expresses our dark side. Some experts believe that that this type of costume is a sign of a pessimist and a person who wishes to feel more powerful. Dressing up as the things that frighten us can also be a way of minimizing the fear we have of such things.

- Historical Figures

When we pick this type of costume, we obviously indicate a strong connection to a particular period in history. Alternatively, it may also reveal a strong desire to be celebrated.

- Disney Princesses

Dressing up as a princess reveals a sentimental and romantic nature. Cartoon characters show a playful part of our personalities; this is true even for people who typically are of a more serious nature. Such costumes may also indicate a desire return to a childhood state.

- Superheroes/ Celebrities

Dressing like a celebrity or superhero indicates a loud personality. We might be trying to get in touch with our inner hero and enjoy feeling a sense of power or popularity. Wearing the costume of powerful character might also be an attempt to overcome underlying feelings of weakness.

- Sexy Costumes

Wearing a skimpy, sexy costume might suggest that we want to be noticed, feel appreciated and have a desire to feel good about ourselves. But experts also suggest that such costumes might be chosen by those who are conservative and want to show a side they normally repress and keep under wraps. 

- Last-Minute Costumes

Unsurprisingly, these types of costumes reveal procrastinators or people who don’t really enjoy Halloween and only reluctantly participate. 

Enjoy the season

Whatever costume you choose, everyone agrees that dressing up at Halloween is about having fun. 

Finding creative Halloween costume takes time, but no matter what costume you choose or why you choose it, make sure that this year you enjoy the fun of your fantasy world!