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Where do our deceased Pets go?

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Where do our deceased Pets go?

Since the beginning of time, the belief that animals also have souls and share the after world with us was widely believed. It was only with the arrival of Christianity and other organized religions that this was pushed to the side as it was deemed that only humans had the right to an existence in the hereafter.

Old beliefs

The ancient tribes would pay homage to the soul of the brave animal which offered them food and sustenance and fed their families. They killed only what they needed to survive. The North American Indians worshipped the buffalo, on which their very existence and way of life depended, but they were also aware that the buffalo had a spirit and was part of the Great Spirit. There are tribes in Africa to this day, who after hunting and killing the animal they need for sustenance, pray over the animal's carcass to thank its soul for the food it brings them and their families. 

Emotional ties

As man domesticated the animal, he formed a new and different bond. Suddenly he realized that this being had emotion, had thought, had love. All the things we previously thought only belonged to us humans.

We as humans can be quite arrogant in our beliefs about the hereafter. But what would the next world be if a tree never grew, or a bird never sang, or your pet that you adored and lost wasn’t there to welcome you? That pet that was part of your family and around you every day of its life, waiting for you to come home, sharing your darkest moments and filling your life with an unconditional love that no human is capable of comprehending until they receive it from their four legged friend.

The gift of animals

Any of us who have shared our life with animals know only too well the wonderful gifts they bring into our hearts and homes. They protect the elderly and give them company when their own kind no longer shares their time with them. They guide the blind and become their eyes and protector. They protect children as their own, and when we are at our lowest, and all other humans are too busy or don’t want to be around us, they are there. With their head on our lap, eyes full of concern with a loyalty not to be found in another human. 

Losing a pet

Is it too hard not to believe then that our God, having sent these four-legged angels here to help us through this mortal coil and all its pains, would at least allow them a space in the hereafter. Those of us, who endeavour to take on the responsibility of caring for one of these animals, must also take on the pain of losing them. Sadly their lives are shorter than ours, and the day must come when we must say goodbye. There can only be the comfort that we made their lives as comfortable as possible and they know somehow that we appreciate what they have given us. There is also the comfort of knowing that they must now cross the rainbow bridge to the hereafter, where they are free from pain or stress. Where they can once again run free and be young again. 

The bridge to the hereafter

The rainbow bridge is the gateway for all our four legged furry or feather friends. But they won’t go too far, because the emotions that we feel in losing them, binds them to us. And they will be waiting just as they did in this world. Lying just outside the gates of heaven, until one day they rise to their feet, their tails start wagging, ears raised, bodies stretching - just as they did here on earth. They once again run full speed to greet you, dancing around you as you come home on your final journey.

Now you can both carry on the journey together. Now you can truly call it heaven.