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Why Ask a Psychic?

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Why Ask a Psychic?

It is the golden question for people who don’t believe in psychic ability: why ask a psychic!  Why not anyone else?

Reasons to "ask a psychic"

People go to psychics for many reasons. For the most part it is to get some clarification on a problem with which they are struggling. Perhaps there is more than one solution to the problem and they want help in deciding which one is best. 

Perhaps they can see no way around the problem and are hoping that the psychic can help them shed some light on the issue. 

Or perhaps there are no immediate difficulties and they just want some insight into what may be around the corner for them - be it in love, money or career. 

Everyday life problems

Life is full off ups-an-downs and twists-and-turns, and sometimes these happen so fast that it’s hard to keep a clear head or get some perspective on anything. You can ask friends and family for help when you feel overwhelmed. But you may fear that you will be judged as weak when what you are looking for is a natural and non-judgmental ear. 

Also, if you tell friends and family, then the issue may be uncomfortably mentioned at a later time: it may come back to haunt you.

By chatting to a psychic, you are guaranteed confidentiality, while gaining the benefit of clarity.

Difficult love affairs

One of the main subjects brought to psychics are those to do with issues of the heart. Yes, all of us humans have one thing in common: our hearts can break. 

In an ideal world, we could get support from friends or family, but in this busy world our loved one simply may not have the time to give us that which we crave. They may also have their own prejudices, based on their own perfect or imperfect romances. 

When you ask a psychic, you get the full attention of a neutral ear that will serve you better, and allow you to see a situation from a fresh perspective.

Just because...

Believe it or not, some people call psychics for no apparent reason other than they feel that they want to. And why not? 

Asking a psychic something is about having the freedom to speak without judgement. It may start the chat that you can’t really have with those you know well, because you just want the topic dealt with and put away, not to have it popping up every time you have a disagreement. 

So a psychic chat offers you a chance to offload your thoughts or worries to someone who is not involved in the circumstances of your life.

Using Psychics for guidance

At 7th Sense, we offer a way out of loneliness and confusion that life can present, with a neutral friend who can throw some light into the shadows.

However, when using psychics, remember that they offer guidance only.You take from a chat what you need and make your decisions based on the extra insight that a psychic can provide. At the end of the day it is your life, your path and only you can decide on where it is leading. 

I would hope at the very least that after your reading you may open a few doors that were not visible beforehand. 


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