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Your Best Live Psychic Reading Ever

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Your Best Live Psychic Reading Ever

People turn to psychics for different reasons - guidance, advice or reassurance about the future. In my experience, having a professional live psychic reading can help you:

- focus 

- achieve clarity of mind 

- plan out your next steps in life

However, whether you are visiting a psychic for the first time or not, it is important to prepare properly for your reading. 

7 ways to get the most from your live psychic reading

To help ensure a successful psychic consultation (hey, let's aim for your best live psychic reading ever!) try the following:

1) Think about where you are now and where you want to be in the future

What do you want to achieve from a psychic consultation? Be completely honest with yourself and try to answer questions like: what makes you happy, what do you truly want and what in your life causes you distress? Try to establish your needs before interacting with a psychic. When you know where you want to go, it's easier to get there - and the perfect guide could be your psychic reader.

2) Have questions ready that you want answered

Once you've figured out your main reasons for visiting a psychic, prepare specific questions to ask. A reading that has a particular, personal focus will be more helpful to you then a general reading. Asking good questions allows a talented psychic to connect with you on a deeper level and to provide more insights, which is what you're really looking for. 

3) Be realistic in your expectations

Set realistic expectations, so you don't come away feeling somewhat let down by a reading. Remember, things may not make sense at the time of the reading - but they may become clearer later.  Also, remember not all psychic readings can be entirely positive. You may not always hear what you want to hear. Psychics can only guide, advise, provide insight and predict certain outcomes. It's up to you to make the most of the guidance they provide.

4) Weigh up the different types of psychic readings on offer

There are many ways to get a psychic reading these days: in person, online or by phone. What suits you best? Which offers the greatest discretion and confidentiality? It's important to do  research - make sure you use an established reader or reader service, such as 7th Sense Psychics, which has strong customer support and quality control systems in place. 

5) Choose the psychic that feels right for you

Ask for recommendations from friends or family. Alternatively, do online research. Read as much as you can about readers. On the 7th Sense website, you will find detailed reader profiles, such as this. Such information provides details about a psychic's experience, areas of expertise (this is extremely important as it allows you to see and evaluate particular readers focus and style) as well as real customer reviews. 

6) Have a pen and paper ready

You can get a lot more out of your reading by listening carefully and taking notes. Why is this important? Because we can easily forget things that only come to be meaningful later on. (One benefit of using a service like 7th Sense is that you have unlimited playbacks of your readings - listen back to them, anytime. It’s great to go back and check whether predictions were accurate or not!)

7) Don't stress!

Ten to fifteen minutes before you talk to a psychic, sit quietly and try to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. This will allow you to be more focused during the session. If visiting a psychic makes you ill-at-ease, then you might be better off talking to a reader by phone.You can chat from the comfort of your own home. Being relaxed helps the energy flow and ensures that you fully concentrate on and absorb what the psychic is telling you. 

Remember that a live psychic reading is ultimately about findings ways to make your life happier. So just ...enjoy!