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  • Status:Offline
  • Style: Direct
  • Experience: 30 years
  • Nationality: American

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Had a reading with the lovely Bella .. picks up on situation passed and present . Really nice lady to chat and bang on she also gave predictions which I hope will come to pass thankx

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Thank you Bella, You are definitely the real deal. You have said and touched on things that there is no possible way you would of known. So thank you, I feel so much at ease because of your reading.

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Thank you Bella for your time you hit spot on every question I had asked You have gave me guidance into my future You also ensured me about my love life and made me feel better.

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I loved Bella, and I'm sure my puppy Bella would too. I'm sorry I couldn't call you back today out of $$ but will follow up when I can. Thank you!!!!

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The ready was so accurate I didn't have to explain myself before I could receive an accurate answer. I was very satisfied with the reading.

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Psychic Bella

I am a 4th generation very gifted highly sensitive psychic. I have been doing psychic, spiritual, tarot, voice, aura and vibration readings for over 30 years. I am very direct, straight to the point, compassionate accurate and professional.

Bella's skills

  • Style: Direct
  • Experience: 30 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Status: Offline
  • Specialities
  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Destiny/Life Path
  • Gifts
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyancy
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tools
  • Automatic Writing
  • Channelling
  • Dream Analysis

Favourite Inspirational Quote

In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

Q&A with Bella

What is your favourite Tarot Deck and why?

I have several that are my favorites and I alternate each one of them.

What do you think draws people to get a reading?

A need to know what's up ahead what's in the future. They then know how to deal better with their life.

What was the most memorable reading you have given?

A woman called me one day and was crying and told me that she missed her child that she hadn't seen for 10 years. I told her that she would see and hear from her child within a two month time frame. She got a call at 3am from her daughter who was tired of being alone, homeless, cold and hungry.

What was your first psychic experience?

I was 10 years old when I touched a classmates hand and knew that her grandmother was going to pass away. Then a few months later could sense her deceased grandmother around her and the grandmother wanted me to tell my classmate that she loves her and would always be around her.

What famous person do you find most inspiring and why?

I find a lot of people inspiring and most are not famous. For example my Mother and Aunts.

To connect with Bella call now 1-855-602-2052 & select extension 896

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