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  • Status:Offline
  • Style: Direct
  • Experience: 20 years
  • Nationality: American

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Amazing , I love her ..I feel like I'm talking to a friend who knows me very well ..Thank You for sharing your gift with us ..

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Sophia you are truly amazing. Thanks for all you have done for me. Will call again

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Sophia you are truly the best. Will keep positive

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Silver badge is given to a customer has given more than 10 reviews

Sophia you are the best. I will keep positive. Will call back soon

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I have had 3 readings from Sophia. I love her.She is so sweet. Predictions are coming true. THANK YOU SOPHIA.

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Psychic Mystic Sophia

Hello ! my name is mystic Sophia .I ‘am a naturally born gifted psychic reader and adviser third-generation psychic here to assist you with all life’s questions ! I specialize in all areas of life love romance reconnection loved ones family finances career jobs spiritual guidance great opportunity to advance to a higher level to put you on the right path to be happy and successful and also to be satisfied in all areas of life many of us have a lot of questions that are on answered Contact me .

Mystic Sophia's skills

  • Style: Direct
  • Experience: 20 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Status: Offline
  • Specialities
  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Destiny/Life Path
  • Gifts
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairvoyancy
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tools
  • Angel Cards
  • Astrology
  • Channelling

Favourite Inspirational Quote

It's not who you are, it's what you do that defines you. Surround yourself with positive energy. As you are moving forwards in the right direction you will always be on your right part for happiness and success

Q&A with Mystic Sophia

What is your favourite Tarot Deck and why?

If I had to choose one it be the angel deck they are most accurate for love and relationships.

Have you ever had a reading from another psychic? Tell us about that experience...

Yes, I have. She was very accurate. She answered all my questions. Told me a lot of things I did not know about myself. As you all know, being psychic you cannot read for yourself.

Have you ever seen a ghost or spirit? Tell us the story...

Yes, being psychic and also having a medium intuition I have seen many spirits. When customers ask me to get in touch with somebody that has pass away I am channeling the spirits.

What was your first psychic experience?

I was a very young girl and I felt there was something wrong with my grandmother and I wasn't feeling very well. I kept having this strange feeling all day. So I told my father and he went to see her. When he got there she was very sick. He took her to the doctor and learned that she has diabetes. The doctor said it was very good that he brought her in that day because it was really high. The doctor was able to get it under control that's when my grandma told me I had a psychic ability.

What is the best feedback you have received from a customer?

I received positive feedback from my all clients on a daily basis.

To connect with Mystic Sophia call now 1-855-602-2052 & select extension 164

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