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  • Status:Offline
  • Style: Inspirational
  • Experience: 24 years
  • Nationality: American

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Reviews (5)

Tiffany knew every detail of the problem areas in my relationship and was very accurate with every emotion. She is professìonal and caring in her reading. I highly recommend her as a reader.

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Tiffany was very professional and clear. She picked up on the main areas of concern and was spot on with her reading of the present and past so I look forward to the future

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Without me saying a word, Tiffany has by far been the only reader that I've had that could pick up on anything that was going on in my life. She gave me clarity and was very encouraging. Thank you T!

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Tiffany was good picked up on something concerning my relationship without me saying anything. She did ask questions to gain clarity for what she was picking up. Give her a try.

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Silver badge is given to a customer has given more than 10 reviews

her reading we not on point she ask a lot of questions

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Psychic Tiffany W

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am a psychic tarot reader and an advisor with over 20 years of experience. I can assist you in all matters of life such as your finances, health, and love life. I can tell your past, present, and future in one session. All of my readings are private, confidential, and are 100% accurate.

Tiffany W's skills

  • Style: Inspirational
  • Experience: 24 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Status: Offline
  • Specialities
  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Destiny/Life Path
  • Gifts
  • Clairvoyancy
  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tools
  • Angel Cards
  • Astrology
  • Channelling

Favourite Inspirational Quote

By leaving behind your old self & taking a leap of faith into the unknown, you find out what you are truly capable of becoming.

Q&A with Tiffany W

What do you think draws people to get a reading?

Curiosity about their health, marriage, finance, and loved ones. A great deal of individuals just want to know if they're gonna hit the lottery.

What was your first psychic experience?

I started seeing visions at an early age and knew I was able to help people with this ability.

What helps you to keep a positive attitude to life's challenges?

Staying in prayer, fasting, meditation, faith, and reading.

What is your favourite Tarot Deck and why?

Angel cards definitely! I find the deck provides the most accurate readings and my clients love them as well.

Have you ever seen a ghost or spirit? Tell us the story...

When I was four years old, I was visiting with my parents to my uncles house and in the laundry room I saw a little boy. It was very scary, when I looked away, he wasn't there anymore. I was terrified!

To connect with Tiffany W call now 1-855-602-2052 & select extension 296

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