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Save up to 15% on Readings.

How it works

It’s all about earning your discount.

  •   Have your readings with your favourite Psychics

  •   Purchase your minute packages online or on the phone

  •   We’ll total your purchases and allocate you to a tier

  •   Watch your status glide from Bronze to Silver and up to Gold.

Tiers & Benefits

Get Clarity in Gold, Silver and Bronze

Simply put, the more you use the service, the bigger
the discount available.

Find a tier that suits your needs and your pocket
and enjoy cheaper readings with your Favourite Psychics.

Tier Last
Month's Spend
Month's Discount
Gold $ 750 + 15 - 25 %
Silver $ 250 - 749 10 - 21 %
Bronze $ 100 - 249 5 - 16 %


  • How do you calculate my monthly spend?
  • We calculate your monthly spend by adding up all purchases you have made across our phone line, app and website from the first day to the last day of the previous month. That total will then fit you into a tier for the next month

  • Can I move between tiers?
  • You can move between tiers when we calculate your previous months spend. If this is over your current threshold then you will move up a tier for the next month

  • I am a new customer, can I avail?
  • You will be able to avail once you have completed a full month. We will calculate your last full months spend and you will be allocated tier based on that.

  • Why is there a range of discounts available to me?
  • As well as the Reward Discount based on your monthly spend, we also offer bulk discounts. The larger the package you purchase the greater the discount. Our bulk discounts range from 2 – 12% on top of your Rewards Discount