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11 Daily Survival Tips For Empaths


Daily Survival Tips For Empaths

The first thing we need to address is an explanation of what an empath exactly is. I wrote an article last year on 12 Tips for Dating Empaths. This is an excerpt from that article: “An Empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energy/moods/emotions of people, situations and their environment to the point where they can take on those emotions as their own. They also have to some degree, psychic abilities of “knowing” things without having proof. Their emotions run deep but what lies beneath the surface is a world all its own.”

Dating an empath is challenging enough but if you are an empath, traversing through everyday life can be a real test on the nerves. Below are a few abbreviated but helpful tips that can tone down the nervous chatter and non-stop energetic assault some feel.

  1. Learn to breathe! No kidding! Learn the art of taking long deep breaths instead of the shallow breaths that most of us live on. It calms your nervous system down and you are taking in light.
  2. Make an honest list of what or who emotionally and energetically “vampires” your energy. Avoid them at all cost and if that is not possible, put up the pink bubble of protective angelic light (or any protection you call on). After awhile, it will come easily and automatically.
  3. Create your shield. As mentioned above, there will always be situations and people that you would rather avoid, but simply can’t because of their significance in your life. Important work functions, large family gatherings and other social events could involve people and energies that you find difficult to deal with. Learn protective shield making and practice at it. This is not about you becoming more spiritual or a shaman but keeping your sanity….so do it for yourself.
  4. Keep your thoughts as positive as possible. If you find it difficult to build yourself a shield to prevent negative thoughts and feelings from invading your mind, the next best thing is to keep careful watch over your own thoughts and identify their source. When you find yourself thinking angry thoughts, ask yourself whether this is your anger, or something that you’ve absorbed from another. You will get very good at opening the dialogue to find the solution. Once found, you can address it.
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  6. Listen to positive affirmation tracks on a regular basis. If anyone who has read any of my previous articles, you will see this healing modality repeatedly suggested. As a life coach and hypnotherapist, I personally know they work. Your subconscious beliefs about life is like software in a computer and new affirmation replacing old negative thinking will bring about that change reminding you strong you are and also bring about a fearless change in behavior.
  7. Ground yourself to Mother Earth everyday. If you have to go out barefoot in the grass and hug a tree because that is what works for you, DO IT! Wearing a bracelet or necklace made of grounding stones and crystals will work just as well. Some of them are Hematite, Tigers eye, Black Obsidian, or Charoite. You can purchase any of these loose stones or jewelry from Amazon, eBay or Etsy.
  8. Work on forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness is the process that will release negative energy you are carrying for another, that is sapping the life from you. And of course, forgive yourself.
  9. Release your connected energy! Empaths will often have busy minds that are trying to deal with the many emotions that bombard them on a daily basis. You often forget to purge your own when you get so wrapped up in others that you neglect to purge the feelings that YOU have acquired. They get stored up and eventually will affect you emotionally or phsysicaly.
  10. Eat better! No kidding! You don’t have to become an OCD vegetarian but cut back on the sugar and carbs. They make your emotions vulnerable and you end up with the “sugar blues” which makes you vulnerable for someone to emotionally throw up on you or steal your peace.
  11. Stay in gratitude. Yes, I will say it a million times! Life is a gift! It’s the small things in life that make it incredible everyday not just the “over the top” special happenings. Hell, breathing is one of those magnificent gifts! No breath, no life!
  12. Be accountable for what you speak and do! Own it, even if it was the stupidest things you have ever said, own it! It doesn’t matter why you said it or where it came from, just don’t go into the energy of “Look what you made me do.” That, is what you call a “Queen Empath” excuse!

Susan Z’s Verdict

Living life as an empath is an amazing journey but it is also extremely challenging. If you learn how to deal with and protect yourself from being used and abused emotionally by energetic vampires, it’s pretty neat sensing what is going on around you on the level of ethereal knowingness.

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