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11 Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love

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A psychic can guide you through every stage of a relationship, so no matter where you are in this beautiful journey, guidance is always good.

1. Will I meet someone soon?

A perennial worry for anyone who is embarking on his or her first relationship or someone who’s been through the mill before and – after a break-up, divorce or loss – wants to pick up the pieces again and move forward. A psychic will cut through your insecurities and present the possibilities as they really are.

2. What can I do if I’m attracted to someone that’s not attracted to me?

We all waste time chasing after the unattainable. That’s the attraction of unrequited love, “The only love that lasts” as someone once said! Love is like a poker game – you don’t like to reveal your hand until the very last moment. That’s what makes the emotion so complicated. That said, how can you be sure that someone is really not attracted to you (as opposed to just “playing it cool”)? You can’t – until you talk to someone who can look beyond the apparent and see into the real, through spirit.

3. Is he serious about me?

I say “he” because women are more inclined (by a massive margin) to ask this question of a man, rather than vice versa. That’s because ladies are, in general, more serious about relationships than men (though that changes as the man gets older and, like most of us, attains wisdom through maturity). Spiritual guidance through a psychic can help you see into the soul of a man. It can provide a long-term view, it can reveal your lover’s deep-down insecurities and also the potential for change, where change is an absolute necessity if the relationship is to continue.

4. Am I just the rebound?

As a you get older and you become romantically involved with someone who is coming out of a long-term relationship, it’s inevitable that this question will rise to the surface. You also don’t want to waste time with someone who is using you for short term satisfaction (i.e., sex or just to get back at his or her ex). But he’s saying one thing, while you’re seeing something entirely different. Stay in and risk being hurt and abandoned, or get out and spend the rest of your life regretting your decision? If the rebound questions arises, don’t delay; seek psychic guidance immediately.

5. Is he/she The One?

The good news is that the fact that you are even at the stage that you can ask this question opens up the possibility that you have found The One. There’re certainly enough going on that’s making you optimistic about a future together. But, of course, there are nagging doubts at the back of your mind – small things only, but you fear they have the potential to grow into something enormous and catastrophic to the bliss you now feel. There may be something in this, there may be not. Time to call your psychic, for sure.

6. Will my family like him?

And now haven’t you moved up a few gears. And aren’t you getting serious! Families are crucial to supporting and nurturing a solid relationship, so you can never overlook the importance of having their approval, no matter what your age or your circumstances. However, your family are not you – and they will rarely have exactly the same tastes or inclinations. So you need guidance here to find the best way to ingratiate your lover with them. What are the things you should tell and the things you shouldn’t! Run it by a psychic reader and you may be surprised by the answers you get back.

7. Will he/she be faithful to me?

You are totally in love. You see a bright future together. You are totally committed. However, it’s so good, you wonder how something so wonderful could happen to YOU of all people, and not someone else. And then it creeps in – fear of losing it all to someone else. You see your lover interact with others and because that person is so overwhelmingly attractive to you, why wouldn’t one of those others join the hunt to catch him? Without expressing your doubts to someone removed from the situation, fractious interactions with your lover are inevitable and the relationship will rapidly deteriorate. Pick up the phone to a psychic and put that question out there. But remember: when you ask a psychic about love you may not get the answer you want.

8. Do you see us getting married?

This is a bit like asking “is he or she the one?”, but it’s a more practical question, because getting married is more than just a realization that you love and are wholly committed to one another. It suggests that you are ready to deal with the practicalities of life, together, far removed from the heady romance of the relationship’s early days. So, what you’re really asking when you ask this question to a psychic is “Can we hack it together if we get married?” A big question that really deserves a big answer from a psychic.

9. Do you see us having children?

Now you’re really talking long term! However, it’s a totally rational question to ask if this is one of your life’s desire. And let’s be honest: having children is also about love, even if it is a different kind of love to the type we’ve been talking about up to now. It’s also requires the long-term commitment of both parties – physically, emotionally and even economically. So is your lover up to the task? The question can only be answered if someone has an amazing grasp of the future and how it might turn out. Who better to ask than a psychic?

10. Are they really just friends?

This question can occur before and after you get married and have children. And not seeking an answer can lead to enormous emotional strain. The friend can be an ex, a workmate who happens to be the opposite sex, someone who enjoys a similar particular interest to your partner (maybe one of the few interest that you two don’t share). This is an impossible subject to talk to your partner about, without coming across as unattractively insecure and petty. So do yourself a favour: talk to a psychic.

11. Should I stick with him or her?

Inevitably, there will be many bumps on relationship road. Some are small, others are big. It is the latter that leads to profound questions about the future. For instance, if your partner is unfaithful, does that mean you should no longer think long term? Or was it just a sudden, unexpected diversion in the road? You cannot know – until you ask as psychic.

What stage are you at in your relationship? It’s never too late to ask a psychic about love. Browse our readers now and prepare to find a way out of the love maze.

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  1. I am in a relationship. In love and I believe he loves me as well. Is this feeling I am having love..??