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12 Tips for Loving an Empath


Guidelines to Loving an Empath

The first thing we want to do is clarify what an Empath actually is. An Empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energy/moods/emotions of people, situations and their environment to the point where they can take on those emotions as their own. They also have to some degree, psychic abilities of “knowing” things without having proof. Their emotions run deep but what lies beneath the surface is a world all its own.

Empaths are highly perceptive souls who are easily misunderstood. They are sensitive, giving, loving, and at times, overly anxious. An Empath craves love but also needs alone time. They can cry watching a McDonald’s commercial, see things that no one else can see or sense and a few other amazing quirks.

Anyone who is an Empath or knows someone that has the ability to know what you are feeling or what is going on around them without being told is a gift but it also comes with great responsibility and at times, deep heartache. Empaths can be a joy to be around with their childlike enthusiasm of the world and also be the biggest pains in the butt because they are so sensitive.

If you are involved with an Empath or possibly one is destined to touch your heart in the future, here are some thoughtful tips that will make the relationship run a smoother course or at least help you traverse unknown territory through an Empaths eyes and heart. First rule is they do not take love lightly. Good luck!

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12 Things to know when in a relationship with an Empath

1. Do not try to over control or cage an Empath. They are like birds in flight and need room to fly wherever their emotions take them. If an Empath feels they are walking on eggshells around you all the time, game over.

2. Time alone is a must! Empaths need to re-energize in a space that is all their own. It can be tiring always feeling the energy of the people surrounding them, so try not to be mad or annoyed when they need to refuel on their own. Once re-energized, they will be happy to be there for you again.

3. Take what they say seriously. Empaths are extremely creative and there is always a next idea that’s popping up in their head, listen to them. Take them seriously. Believe in them, even as crazy as the idea sounds. Somewhere in between their excitement, their passion and words that get jumbled, something quite amazing is getting ready to be created.

4. Being supportive helps Empaths drop their guards. They know they are different and the way they see life doesn’t make sense to a lot of non-Empathetic people. If you want to love an Empath, have faith in them, regardless.

5. An Empaths intuition is usually spot on. Never disregard or demean the “feeling” they might have about something. Contrary to popular belief, Empaths actually do know what they are talking about. Blind faith is a big requirement to being involved with an Empath.

6. Make an Empath giggle or laugh and they are your friend for life! Some days Empaths just need someone to pull them out of their non-stop minds and remind them to have fun!

7. Empaths get their hearts broken daily over something. It can be overwhelming being an Empath and some days all it takes is for somebody to say one “wrong” thing, see an image of something terrible or hear a sad story about a person and the tears begin.

8. Empaths love with great intensity. When you are deeply connected to almost everything, when they love someone, it is powerful! It can heal and change you forever but also can be dangerous in someone unbalanced.

9. It takes a really secure person to partner up with an Empath. If you put your own insecurities on an Empath in a relationship, they will take the hit and will eventually leave as they cannot bear the feelings of failure.

10. Honesty and truthfulness is an absolute. Remember who you are dealing with, someone who is capable of knowing when they are being lied to. They may make excuses for you or even check up on you, but if you lie to an Empath, they will always be suspect from that point on.

11. Empaths feel more than what they can verbalize. Sometimes Empaths cannot make logical sense out of what they are feeling and express it in words, they just feel “something.” Just go with it. Regardless of how many questions you may ask to explain what they are feeling or talking about, occasionally they just can’t put a finger on it.

12. Empaths are givers of light and love. They are moved by gifting to those they love. They get deep satisfaction in knowing they are making you happy. When they feel the appreciation, they are yours forever. Never take anything they do for granted.

Psychic Susan Z’s Verdict

Being an Empath myself, I would say if you follow some of the guidelines given above, it will help you understand who you are involved with. The guidelines might also help Empaths verbalize to their partners what their needs are in a relationship. Being keenly aware and not oblivious will always help to maintain a happy and loving relationship with an Empath.

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Originally posted on Nov 1, 2017

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  1. I believe I live with an Empath, my husband. What you describe sounds just like him. He cam be very difficult to live with at times. And seems to know me better then I know myself. Thank you for the tips on how to live with these people and there ways. It will help me to deal with him in the future.

    1. Thank you for your tips my husband is an Empath and can be difficult at times to deal with. Now I know how to conduct myself around him. Instead of getting so a gry and frustrated with him.

  2. I am an Empathy and I’m miserable right now I can’t go out into crowds often with all the heartache in my city right now. Its starting become physical pain how can I stop this its brutal!!

  3. Empaths need to mediate and get protection for themselves. Look into Crystals for protection. I’d be happy to guide anyone from the knowledge I have gained in trying to guard myself against negativity.

  4. I am an empath and it has been helpful and destructive, especially when trying to date (I’m 44,divorced) or attempting a relationship. I work in a very public area and come home to decompress, crowds that are too large give me anxiety somedays. I have learned how to compartmentalize and prepare myself if I know I will be in a crowd. Thank you for this list.

  5. Thank you sooo much for sharing. I believe I have a lot of
    these qualities. I do believe I am an empath. I sometimes don’t know what to do with my self. I do like to be with my family and friends neighbors and coworkers but sometimes I am very afraid of crowds. So I am always seeking ways to deal with this and other things I cannot do like my insecurities. Which in some one else they don’t have these problems. But there are things that I can do that I feel I’m blessed that others may not be able to do. Thank you again for your information I need to grad more about this and pray about it. God bless you and your family. Love Tracey