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15 Life Changes When Commoners Marry Royals


A New Royal Wedding?

In all the supermarket tabloids, the game is on as to whether Prince Harry will actually marry the American actor, Meghan Markle.

When Prince William married Katherine Middleton, she was the first commoner married into the royal family in 350 years. Most everyone assumes that William and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana when she married Charles was a commoner but she was not. She was the daughter of an Earl and carried the title of Lady. Before she married she was Lady Diana Spencer with her family being distantly related to the royal family.

From the glamorous weddings, stunning crowns and the overall glitz of being a member of the royal family, it’s easy to see why marrying a royal might be tempting for a commoner. However, tying the knot with such a public figure isn’t always as opulent and exciting as it might seem from the outside. So, what exactly did Kate Middleton have to change about her personal habits and life to fit in with the royal family and what Markle will also have to deal with if she marries Prince Harry?

It is a well-known fact that before Diana married Charles and Kate married William, they were both schooled in the royal traditions of what you are allowed and not allowed to do in public and what is expected of you as a royal. Here are some of the traditions, requirements and rules that British royalty follows, most of them being totally ridiculous and pompous but that is what separates them from the “commoners.”

Lifestyles of the Royal Class

  1. They must get permission to marry. In England, Queen Elizabeth II must give her written consent for members of her family to get married. This practice dates back to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 to stop unions that might “diminish the status of the royal house.” The royal family is now a bit more liberal than it was in the past as it has seen its share of abdications and marrying divorced women but the permission slip rule still applies. Now only to the six people closest to the royal family.
  2. You could be ousted from the family. The English monarchy is actually one of the more liberal of the royal families. In some countries, when a royal member marries a commoner, they must give up their crown and family rights altogether.
  3. Nicknames are left behind. Once married into the royal family, you can only be technically referred to by your royal title or “Ma’am” publicly.
  4. No royal can hold a political office or vote. Though they are theoretically allowed to vote, the royal family must keep things as neutral as they possibly can. If they voted for or advocated for one party or candidate over another, there is a concern that they could unfairly sway the public’s opinion.
  5. No career aspirations. Career ambitions become memories once you become a member of the monarchy. Perhaps one the most famous royals to give up her career was actress Grace Kelly, who became the Princess of Monaco.
  6. Harsh judgments from blueblood royalty. If a commoner thought the public was going to be hard to please, imagine getting the cold shoulder from inside the royal family as in a disapproving mother in law.
  7. No shellfish on the royal menu. Members of the British Royal Monarch avoid shellfish because they fear allergic reactions and potential poisoning. OK?
  8. Everyone is finished eating when the queen is. If the queen is present, the meal starts and stops with her. When she puts down her fork and spoon, everyone else is expected to do so as well.
  9. Your past will be definitely get unburied. We’ve all done things in the past that we aren’t exactly proud of. When a regular gal (or guy) marries a royal, everything that ever happened in their past will be thrust into the spotlight.
  10. Never have a public opinion. Royal families don’t do drama, so if you marry into a royal family, it’s probably best that you delete your social media accounts. Keeping your thoughts and your opinions private is probably the safest thing to stay out of the press.
  11. Royals only hug royals. Apparently, royal people should not be touched by non-royals. Of course, this is a rule that is broken all the time, especially when the British royal family meets celebrities, politicians or other major figures.
  12. Furs are forbidden. Way back in 1137, Edward III signed a law that no one was allowed to wear fur, especially no member of the British royal family or members of the church. Unfortunately, this rule is broken on a consistent basis by the royal family.
  13. Learn what a royal should look like. If you’re a commoner who enjoys pushing the envelope with sheer dresses, short skirts and Daisy Duke denim shorts, you need someone to teach the rules of dressing with a regal flair. Stylish but proper and never provocative!
  14. No family Christmas dinners. If you become an English royal, the queen will expect you to spend Christmas with the royal family. Duchess Kate has reportedly already rebelled against that tradition, choosing to spend Christmas with her side of the family instead. Yeah Kate!
  15. Learn how to accept all the stupid gifts graciously. Being gracious is probably the No. 1 rule you must follow if you’re going to be accepted into any royal family. That means you happily accept any and all gifts presented to you, even if you think they are junk. They are all donated to the royal children’s charities anyway.

Psychic Susan Z’s Reading

There has always been royalty and not royals throughout history. Tradition is what keeps the monarchy together and make them appear special. The castles, diamond tiaras and wealth help too but with the world being made smaller by the media, the royals begin to take on the illusion of familiarity which shatters the elite separateness designed by them. It is through the Queen’s grandchildren that the most stuffy, ridiculously archaic rules are being broken but for a commoner, you must LEARN to look, act, talk and become a royal.

Card One: Temperance (Inverted)

Harmony and balance. Since pulled inverted, it supports that many out of date demands of royal heritage are being challenged by the younger generations.

Card Two: Page of Wands

Young energy full of new projects. This card definitely carries the energy of the new and younger thinking royals.

Page of Wands

Card Three: Four of Pentacles

Financial issues and obsessed with materialism. This card pulled is representation of the royal attitude about money. It is never discussed, never handled and business projects are never pursued with an attitude of adding to your personal wealth.

Four of Pentacles

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