3rd Soul Window: Moving Into Adulthood

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Identifying the definitions of maturity

In the first two installments of the Sunday Soul Window (energetic life cycle commands from the higher self) series, we went over the 1st Soul Window awakening of the young child between 4 to 6 years and the 2nd Soul Window of youthful defiance starting at around the age of 15.

This 3rd Soul Window marks the beginning of movement into adulthood and the acceptance (or resistance) that you are no longer a child. These excerpts are taken from my book Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine.

The 3rd Soul Window opens around 22 and goes through to 30 years of age. Please remember, all ages are approximate and everyone’s life storyline is different, like a fingerprint. It marks the beginning of identifying what your definitions of maturity will be.

Usually, this is where you will see the first neutral zone between Soul Windows. Neutral zones are time periods that leaves a few years where you do not know what you want to be when you grow up and/or really not interested in growing up all. Where you give yourself the time to process new energetic imprints, rest for awhile and get ready for the round of changes scheduled for the next Soul Window opening.

Sometimes these neutral zones can be scarier than the changes before and after. They can bring an intense feeling of nothingness, which our humanity is not designed to deal well with for a reason. Change is to be constantly on the table for us.

Neutral Zones can be particularly intense with young adults and then once again at mid-life. One should be very watchful not to allow the impatient Inner Child to paint you into an “IT” corner while in these frustrating waiting times. You designed them to catch your breath and make a new game plan.

Power to do what you want

This 3rd Soul Window starts out with you wanting to have all the adult compensations without any of the responsibilities. The desire to make your first adult decisions are presented to you by choice or you have them forced upon you by the script you wrote.

It is your first realization you have the power to do what you want, learning you reap the repercussions and rewards of choices that you make. The recognition that your life journey really does belong to you. You now also begin to understand your life choices have long-term effects.

You may have made some of the same choices when you were in the previous Soul Window of 15 to 21 years but now it becomes very apparent that you are feeling differently about them. You begin to feel the guilt, regret and victim energy about those young choices and might begin to blame others for the state of your life.

In the previous awakening of the 2nd Soul Window, you just are not aware and perceptive to the effects of what you do in relationship to others. You truly are only concerned about your needs and really do not understand the long-term future consequences of those choices.

Hedonistic gratification

This is 3rd Soul Window is where you start contemplating making long-term future decisions by the seat of your pants. You can make the most seemingly bad choices from impulsive decisions unless of course you cookie cutter and prototype your life after your parents in the need for parental approval. Then you have a whole other life script that eventually has to be dealt with, as you must one day map your own journey, usually in midlife crisis.

In this 3rd Soul Window, you are still in hedonistic gratification and immediate nurturing to feel good. That is why most marriages that bond before these energetic tumultuous times do not make it unless both partners spiritually grow together.

You make partner decisions based on that he is really handsome, I like the way he dresses, he has great friends, he drives an expensive car and he makes me laugh versus is he going to be a good father, good provider and how does he independently walk his own journey?

You also begin to feel the “life itch”. You start feeling restless, bored, and unhappy with childish and immature things that once made you happy. You are ready to bring about change in your life based around the choices of long-term future commitments such as having children, changing careers, getting married and buying a home.

These are your first conscious adult decisions building your future. I say adult decisions but that does not necessary mean wise or mature decisions. If you designed a journey to learn what being fearless is about, you will make many “not so wise” choices and do-overs. You will experience repeatedly, the emotions of failure so you can get past the fear and judgment of it.

In the big scheme of your soul’s journey, it all means nothing! You are going to get there this lifetime or in the next 100 lifetimes but you will ultimately arrive, aware and enlightened!

Susan Z’s Verdict

Regardless of how you get to this 3rd Soul Window of awakening maturity, most of the time it will seem to generate a frustrating and impatient feeling of being bored and unfulfilled in your life. If you let your ego (Inner Child’s emotional tantrums) willfully push you into making what appears to be adult changes before you are ready, it is usually a wasted effort and a re-do is inevitable. Learning and practicing going with the flow and to trust in the process of acquiring wisdom during this Soul Window will help with the process. Patience is the big keyword here!

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