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Happy 4th of July – Independence Day, America

4th of July independence day

Happy 4th of July – Independence Day, America

Happy 4th Of July America. A date with the magic numbers of 1777. It’s hard to believe the America we know today, was once a country at war upon her own soil, but it sadly was the price that had to be paid to bring America to where she is today. America, the country that brought the world the stories of the pilgrims, the wild west, rock and roll, Hollywood, a walk on the moon and many more things that has changed not just America, but the lives of almost everyone in the developed world.

I wonder did the Continental Congress have any idea when they adopted the declaration of Independence in 1777, just what this country would become. People from many countries all over the world flocked there for generations. They all brought a little bit of their own countries and traditions with them, which moulded the America we all know and love today.

It is this rich blend of cultures that make America a place where others wish to visit. She has proven to the world that when people of the world combine their forces on a common cause, great things can happen. So remembering all those people who once stood on Ellis Island waiting to enter America, who’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are now the very bloodline of America today. We would like to take this chance to wish you all a fantastic Independence day from all at 7th Sense Psychics

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