5 Things to Know about Loving a Gemini

Gemini: Imaginative and Ever-Changing

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) The Twins are ever-changing and adaptable. They are a mutable Zodiac sign, which means they have the ability to slow down the direction they have been heading towards and quickly transition into the next. They are quick on their feet when it comes to making big or small changes in their life.

Geminis are extremely interesting and charismatic partners, as they are forever switching up the game on fun and creativity. They are excellent communicators and you will never be bored with a Gemini but you may also never know what’s coming at you next. It will sometimes make you feel like you are in a relationship with three people, you and the dual-faceted Gemini you are involved with. They are one of signs that are the most entertaining, completely emotionally unreadable, exciting and fun partner of the Zodiac wheel.

They are curious, social, amusing and with a keen creative imagination, while simultaneously having the capability of being emotionally inaccessible. Sometimes leaving you pulling your hair out, wondering which personality is going to show up in your life that day.

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The 5 Challenges of Loving a Gemini

1. Self-Obsession

They have a tendency of being completely self-absorbed at times and forget about your needs and wants. Along with that self-absorbed characteristic comes the inability to keep the conversation from always floating back to being all about them. Also, Geminis have a big tendency to over-talk, especially if they are nervous. That is usually when you will see the common trait most Geminis have and that is anxiety, as they are high achievers. Think about it, if you were living in a physical with two people everyday, you would also have a low threshold about feeling anxious.

2. Addicted to the Spark

They are totally addicted to “limerence” (major stars in your eyes and the ultimate endorphin love drug release) in relationships and when that wears off, they have trouble adapting to going from snuggling in bed all day on a Sunday to having to go to the laundromat. They are fierce flirts, not even realizing they are scanning the room looking for someone to admire them. If someone gets on their radar, regardless if they are with you, they will encourage flirtatious behavior. If you have a big jealous streak, a Gemini is not someone that is going to make you feel secure, you are going to have to do that all on your own.

3. Lose Interest Easily

They get bored easily and their biggest fear about love is getting really comfortable with someone means the love part of your relationship is over. Spontaneity is their thing! They are usually social butterflies with a long, long list of 40 to 50 of their nearest and dearest friends they would do anything for. Even though they get bored easily in a one on one relationships, they will sometimes keep close friendships for life, regardless if you get along with them or not.

4. Picking Fights

They sometimes like a good ole fashion fight over nothing. Helps them to let off steam and will pick one so they get to do the making up afterwards. If you find confrontation uncomfortable or don’t have a hefty sense of humor, their teasing and picking at you will eventually drive you away. They can sometimes go a little overboard with getting dramatic over nothing. Drawing you into those stupid little fights and then wondering why you are still mad and they are whistling a tune while making the dinner salad without nary a sign that a fight took place.

5. Materialistic and Territorial

They are territorial about “their stuff” and have a “hands off my personal space” attitude when sharing living quarters. If you have a Gemini in your life, best let them have a play room with a sign on the door, “Do Not Enter Unless Invited.” They are also completely, materialistic. They generally go for the latest model, most expensive on the rack and top of the line on any possession they own, that makes them feel they are “all that!”

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  1. Everything there as regards a Gemini is so true. I am one or two it seems and i can relate to all thats stated above. Very interesting indeed

  2. Georgia,

    Thank you for your comment on our Loving Different Astrological Signs. To inform you and all our readers, we will be doing articles on all the 12 Astrological signs. Keep a lookout for your sign Pisces, as it will definitely be posted.

    Stay well, stay safe.
    Susan Z