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500 year old shark found in the North Atlantic!

500 year old shark found in the North Atlantic

500-year-old shark found in the North Atlantic!

500 year old shark found in the North Atlantic! Scientists have discovered a Greenland shark believed to be have been born in the dark waters of the Atlantic 500 years ago. Yes, this 16th-century shark was around when Copernicus declared that the earth revolved around the sun.

Apparently, a long life is not unusual for ocean dwellers, one of the shark’s contemporaries ‘Ming’ the quahog clam is believed to be a similar age. Although little was known about this international shark of mystery, previous studies on sharks that had been caught, have revealed that a special hormone and a cold environment slows down the shark’s metabolism contributing to its longer life. Scientists believe that this piece of research can help humans extend their own lifespan. Carbon dating methods reveal that it’s all in the eyes. The Greenland sharks eye lens tissue is unique in that it doesn’t change during its lifetime, preserving the historic radiation that allow scientists to establish its age.

Funding has been made available in order for scientists to undertake further research, they now have more technology and expertise to determine how the shark’s environment contributes to things like age and metabolism. If we compare the lifespan of a shark with that of a human, we know that they’re likely to live about 5 times longer.

Another small step for mankind!

Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn are the Eight of Wands, the Hanged Man and the Death Card.

The Eight of Wands
This represents progress and pro-action. The scientist’s research has been done and their findings are wholly positive.

The Hanged Man
This represents a period of enforced waiting and a need for patience. 500 years is more than our lifetime and with each generation, further research and progress has enabled a new perspective.

The Death Card
This directly follows the hanged man in the major arcana and represents profound change. There is a cyclical nature within this card and a feeling that whilst the shark may be nearing the end of its life, research is being used helping to extend life.

It’s becoming more evident how little we know about what lies beneath but as the scientists continue to direct their passions progress will be made.


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