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5th time lucky for Christie Brinkley ?

Christie Brinkley

5th time lucky for Christie Brinkley ?

Age defying Christie Brinkley remains loved-up with current partner John Mellencamp, proving that timing is everything when it comes to navigating the path of true love. The fellow sexagenarians look much younger than their years and enjoy regular date nights out on the town. Clocking up 7 ex-marriage partners between them, this couple clearly have no issue with committing to a love partner and as the old saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’. Christie has previously stated that marriage is not an option in her future, but as is proved over and over again, time is a great healer and by her own admission John gives supermodel and humanitarian Christie the kind of love and respect that she had not experienced before. Friends could not be happier for these two and believe that marriage would be the obvious next step. Christie has claimed to feel invisible to guys her own age in the past, but this is one guy is happy for her to visibly shine. Brinkley has three children from her former marriages. Mellencamp has five children from his three marriages. It looks like everyone is rooting for these guys to go the distance.

Véronique’s Verdict

So what do the cards say for Christie and John? They drew The Tower, The Three of Hearts and The Justice Card. I feel that the cards represent Christie and John in unity rather than two individuals, the cards come as no surprise. In its literal sense, the Tower is symbolic of the drama and splendour of thunderbolts and lightening striking anything and everything outmoded and outdated, the destruction of old structures, hence the falling Tower, but I think we can assume that here, The Tower is symbolic in the figurative sense. Neither Christie nor John have wished to maintain the status quo in their previous relationships, essentially not wishing to place any value on falsehoods or material possessions. Regardless of the acrimonious nature and pain of some of the separations endured, they have both moved forward in the best and most positive manner. Onwards and upwards! The Three of Hearts shows that they are really happy individuals. Yes really! Absolutely genuine, 100% authentic! While they both have success and wealth in their own right, I feel that they have consciously chosen the path to happiness and embraced their joy and creativity with a grateful heart. No suffering for one’s art here. The Justice card shows their innocence and yet the wisdom. I feel that despite their past relationships there is a sense of blind faith and that justice will prevail, no underhand tactics from these two. This card shows balance and maturity between two people who are old enough to know better and young enough not to care. They understand the meaning of compromise; emotionally, physically, financially. Justice with the Three of Hearts? Do I see a heartfelt celebration together with the legal contract of a marriage certificate. I do!

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