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7 Signs of a Player


How to Spot a Player

How lucky you are to have met this new gorgeous man who’s so into you! Or are you? This man constantly phones or texts you, he wants to meet you all the time, compliments are always flowing from his tongue, and he can’t keep his hands off of you. You’re in love! Thoughts of him as your soul mate, being married, and living happily ever after, continue to flow through your mind.

Although, usually after you sleep with him: the phone calls and texts begin to dwindle or abruptly stop, he’s never available to meet, he’s critical, and on those rare occasions when you do get together, he wants a quickie, then leaves. You, my dear – Have Been Played!

Throughout the centuries, players have been called by many names: Don Juan, Romeo, Casanova, lady’s man, philanderer, or womanizer; nonetheless, whatever you choose to call these men it still wounds women deeply.

7 Signs of a Player

  1. Casanova is relentless in his pursuit of you, especially if you aren’t interested in him. The reason for this is his insecurity and competitiveness, for love is just a game to him.
  2. This womanizer is either talking about sex, has hands like an octopus, or both. Whenever the two of you are together sex is the main component of your time spent.
  3. Romeo becomes very secretive about his life, phone, and social media; consequently, it’s rare that you know where he lives or even invited over. His logic is if you discover how many women there are besides you – you will leave him. As you should!
  4. A lady’s man usually will avoid meeting you in public, if he does it’s usually away from his home town. Usually, he insists on coming over to your place.
  5. Mr. Philanderer has a long line of ex-girlfriends or even a couple of marriages. When he tells you the so-called story of these relationships, his cheating is never mentioned, rather he’s always the victim – boohoo.
  6. Don Juan has a reputation of leaving a trail of broken hearts behind, which he will strongly deny. His friends often are bad boys who are also womanizers.
  7. Your player knows more about you, then you know about him as he’s very secretive. He forgets or mixes up facts about you, which is because he’s confusing you with another woman or two or three.

If you have been duped by a player, please beat yourself up with a feather, instead of a lead pipe. Remember, he has had years or decades of practice to become skilled at conning women. Allow yourself to feel anger and sadness. Don’t text or call him, nor go to places he might frequent. Ignore him if he attempts to reach out to you. Sadly, he’s probably already searching or with his next victim. Forgive yourself, while retaining the lesson.

Pamela’s Verdict

Once you learned the lesson or recognize the signs of a player – keep your distance no matter how enticing his seduction dance is! Warning other women may prevent their heartache, but maybe it’s a lesson they need to learn? Lastly, “true love” requires patience and is worth taking it slow.

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