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Seven simple tips to get the best out of a love reading

Getting a Tarot reading or psychic session can be an exciting prospect. Especially when it comes to love. However, there are a few things to take into account so as to make the most out of your money and the psychic or reader’s time and energy. Some questions will get you more value for your money than others. And there are behaviors and attitudes of yours that will make it easier for the reader to access the message that you most need to hear. Here are a few tips for you to make the most out of any love reading, no matter the question.

1. Remember that you’re ultimately the one calling the shots

At the end of the day, the Tarot reader or psychic doesn’t get to live your life. You do. The insight you get from a Tarot session or psychic session is that: insight. Advice. Generally good advice. But what you do with that advice is up to you. You are in the driver’s seat. Even if the reader adds their own opinion to the mix, take the information and the bits that resonated and make your own decisions with those. It’s the only way in which Tarot or someone else’s psychic prowess becomes a truly empowering tool, and not just something you use to numb your pain.

2. We’re usually attracted to what we repress in ourselves

If you’re attracted to someone’s carefree spirit, there’s probably a chance you are holding back on being spontaneous or giving yourself up to joy. If you’re attracted to someone’s drive and ambition, it’s probably because you have some of your own dreams you are neglecting and are collecting dust somewhere. The point is, no matter the situation, at the end of the day, it can be quite a productive question to ask yourself (and the reader or psychic) how are things at home?

Some sample questions on this vein are: what attracts me so much about them? How can I start to be more like them? What repressed part of me are they mirroring back?

The productive thing about these questions is that they are the insight you need in order to finally move on, should things go sour. If there is no deep love joining two people and one (or both) is still pining after the other, the solution is usually more simple than one may think. Simply allow yourself to be whatever the other person enables you to be. If the only person who made you laugh was your ex, start frequenting comedy clubs. If your ex made you feel like you were capable of great things, go out there and make your mark. They will be forgotten in no time.

3. Ask for lessons, not for mind reading

Yes, Tarot readers and psychics can and will give you intel as to what the other person is feeling. But that’s not what will make you grow. What’s the use of knowing they had just a tad bit more fun with you than with their current squeeze, besides giving your ego what it demands?

Start asking the reader of your choice what you were meant to learn by the arrival of a certain person into your life, and what lessons were in store for you when you started your relationship with a certain person. You’ll often find that the answers to these questions (and even the act of formulating them in the first place) are the ones that truly elevate your frequency and allow you to become your very best self.

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4. Give the reader or psychic context

The Tarot reader or psychic isn’t performing for you. They are trying to give you insight on a situation that matters to you. Expecting them to know everything about their life without as much as telling them “Hello” is probably a waste of your money and everybody’s time. Sure, some Tarot readers and psychics do know a lot without much input from you. The kicker is that they are probably mirroring your own receptivity for your energy to be seen and known. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give the reader as much information as you can. It gives them more to work with. It will also help them interpret whatever messages they do get. Things always become more meaningful in context.

5. Remember that certain questions are best saved for a lawyer or counselor

If you’re wondering what the outcome of a trial is, whether your sweetie has some sort of deadly disease, or if you’re in a relationship with a dangerous person, perhaps a reader or psychic shouldn’t be the first person you call. Most readers or psychics will, in fact, refuse to ask questions such as those. Others will more gently give you the contact info of the right professional to call. Tarot and psychics can offer spiritual support. Leave the more earthly solutions to the pros.

6. Don’t expect the reader or psychic to tell what you want to hear

A lot of Tarot readers out there are more than ready to take your money and simply tell you what you very clearly want to hear. You don’t need to be a psychic to know what a person wants to be told. You just need to pay attention to the questions they pose, the manner in which they ask them, and the general demeanor and body language they display, if those are available.

It takes a real professional to find a diplomatic but clear way to tell you what the cards or their psychic senses are telling them, even if it goes against what you expected. As a consultant, the best you can do is have as much of an open mind as possible. Perhaps your ex will not come back after all. You know what? Once you know what they were mirroring back and what you were supposed to learn from that relationship… good riddance! Or perhaps that hottie is into you after all, and you should get rid of those insecurities once and for all.

7. Respect other people’s privacy

Most psychics and Tarot readers with a sliver of professionalism will tell you what it’s your business to know. Nothing more, and nothing less. Do your part by not asking about whether your ex’s current partner is pregnant. It’s for them to know and solve that together. What’s the use for you to know that? How can you possibly help them or do anything productive with that information? Understand there are reasonable boundaries when it comes to knowing all the details of the present and possible futures, and try to stay within those.

In short, remembering your own agency and trying to respect other people’s privacy are key to getting a great bang for your buck when it comes to getting a love reading. Being cooperative with the reader or psychic will also carry you far. What are things that have helped you in the past when getting a reading? Do you want to share your own tips in the comments?

Considering getting a tarot card reading? We have carefully screened and selected a range of gifted, compassionate tarot readers to provide clarity and new insights into your life. Online readers available 24/7.

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