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6 Unexplainable Facts About Your Human Body

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The Wonder of the Human Body

We all take our human body for granted everyday. It is an intelligence that pumps our heart, makes us walk, allows us to think and is pretty much completely self-contained. In the metaphysical explanation of the body, it is the creative work of art of a divine force and we leave it at that.

It’s capable of the most amazing feats, both intellectually and physically! In many ways, the human body is natural perfection but science still has not been able yet to explain a few things the body does and why. When it comes to some really basic parts of how it functions, they are still trying to come up with explanations and reasons the body does what it does.

1. Yawning

We do it when we’re tired. We do it when we’re bored. We do it when we see other people do it. We all know when we yawn but science still hasn’t figured out the definitive reason for it. Some say it is the body’s involuntary attempt at getting more oxygen into the blood and others believe we yawn to cool the brain down when it gets too hot but there is still no absolute proof. All we do know for sure is that it is contagious.

2. The Appendix

There is about a 1 in 15 chance you will have your appendix removed at some stage in your life. Scientists and doctors still aren’t totally sure what the small, 3.5-inch tube inside our bodies does and it’s well documented that we can live without it. So, why do we even have it? They don’t know, only guesses!

3. Big breasts

Don’t laugh but really, scientists cannot explain why the human body creates big boobs as they are completely unnecessary and smaller breasts function just as well in nursing babies. One theory is evolution, as generations ago plump women were considered to have more sex appeal. Not everyone in the academic world is buying it though as not all cultures are obsessed with them.

4. Blushing

The science behind blushing itself isn’t a mystery. The capillaries in the face near the surface of our skin expand, letting the blood rush right in, creating a flushed appearance. We know what blushing is, we just don’t know why we blush. One theory is that blushing is somewhat of a built-in lie detector, signaling sincerity, likeability and trustworthiness. Another theory is blushing is a way for your body to cool your brain, when an excess of warm blood floods your brain in situations we find embarrassing. Still nothing concrete.

5. Right-handedness

We all know more people are right-handed than left-handed. Scientists have been studying handedness for over 160 years without figuring out much of anything. It is possible that hand-preference is genetic but there’s actually no way to predict a child’s handedness by looking at their parents.

6. Dreaming

No one is really sure what dreaming is and why we do it is? Scientists still have no idea why on Earth humans have dreams. There isn’t even a universally accepted definition of what a dream is. Nonetheless, we’re pretty sure we’re all on the same page as to what we mean by “dreaming”, so why do we have them? Some psychologists believe dreams regulate our long-term moods or act as our brain’s way of cataloguing daily memories. Scientists argue that Earth’s geomagnetic field is responsible for the “bizarreness” of our dreams, as geomagnetic activity may be linked to melatonin secretion and thus linked to dreams. Once again, no one can agree on anything.

Susan Z’s Verdict

So, there you have it! With all our technology and advanced knowledge, we still cannot understand the Divine created complexities of the body and for what reason. I am sure in the grand scheme of things, it all makes perfect sense but to the black and white world of science, they are STILL perplexed as to the why’s?

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