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9 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Spirit Attachment


Protecting Yourself From Spirit Or Ghost Attachment

It is Halloween time! On TV you’ll be seeing a dozen movies and reality shows with haunted houses, possessions or exorcisms. I personally love a good ghost movie. But what is not entertaining is when you are going through a spirit or ghost attachment personally. They creep you out, sometimes causing havoc to your day to day life, sleepless nights and in the extreme cases, can cause physical harm out of meanness.

If you have discovered that you or someone you know show all the signs they may have a spirit or ghost attachment in their home or following them around, unless they are cool with it and it is someone they like hanging around with, below are listed some rituals that can be done to remove them. Usually a good strong command will force them away from you but if you have something that is other than a casual haunting, always seek out professional exorcism help. If they don’t leave gently and with a good push from you, you will need someone with muscle.

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  1. First of all, don’t freak out and get all mental about it. A healthy body and a healthy balanced mind are the strong foundations from which defense starts. The reason is that negative spirits have a low vibration rate, but positive, healthy energy, vibrates much higher – it’s a case of like attracting like. If your vibration is slowed down due to ill health, severe stress, drug abuse etc., then the type of energy you will attract will be lower vibration entities.
  2. Use a powerful protection prayer, quote or verse. Carry a symbol of defense such as a crystal, cross, crucifix, amulet or whatever else feels comfortable. The important thing is that if you have confidence and believe in the method that you use, this will boost your self-defense even higher.
  3. Holy water! No shit! It really works. Not because someone who is holier than you have blessed it but because of the light it carries which is the prayers and Spark of God energy. If you have ever read the book “The Secret Life of Water,” by writer Masaru Emoto, it actually shows pictures of water molecules exposed to positive and negative words and thoughts.
  4. Rice and salt. If you feel that an area is holding negative energy or a form, encircle it with rice and salt, bless it with holy water and say a powerful dispelling prayer of your choice. Be sure you are grounded before you do this with a grounding stone in your pocket.
  5. Grounding stones. Hematite dissolves negativity and has powerful balancing qualities making them excellent crystals for grounding. Other stones and crystals such as Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Jasper, Ruby, Yellow Fluorite, Tigers Eye, Citrine or a Clear Quartz. (easy enough to find) will also do the trick but Hematite is the best.
  6. Be the one in charge. If you don’t want a spirit attachment, you need to put your big girl panties on and combat boots and demand it get the hell away from you and not come back. Be insistent, loud, strong and if you have to, do it several times.
  7. Smudging with white sage. There is an article on 7th Sense Story site that is filled with information that will show you how to smudge yourself and your house and why it works.
  8. Burn white candles. Light white thick candles and keep them burning (not the electric auto turn on kind) but ones with real flame. Say your protection prayer over the candles before bedtime and upon rising in the morning.
  9. Negotiating. That’s right – you can talk a spirit into leaving your home. This works with intelligent hauntings. You, as a living person, can talk to the spirit to move on. Living people are the masters of this plane of existence, so they have much more power. Be kind to the spirit as it was another human being at one point, so please be respectful when you ask it to move on and leave your residence or you, unless of course you have a negative, angry spirit. Note: Negotiating doesn’t work on elementals, fairies, demons and poltergeists. It works for intelligent hauntings with human spirits. Then, my suggestions are getting help from a house cleaner or exorcist. (very rare cases)

Susan Z’s Verdict

There are many types of spirit attachments. If you have your loving deceased mother hanging around to check on you and you feel her presence filled with love and are ok with it, then let it be. If it creeps you out, then you have to ask her to move on. Spirits and ghosts are attracted to living light for many reasons but you rule this existence and if a spirit or ghost is not something you want as a roommate, then you can absolutely do something about it. Don’t believe all the pumped up reality shows you see on TV, some have truth but most are staged.

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  1. I have a attachment it’s on my husband and it’s not leaving I’ve began drinking lemon salt water to protect myself.

  2. I enjoy talking about spirits and truly believe, that I’ve got a couple of good expierences with a couple of spirits in my home, have no fear at all. I thank you for your information on this subject and would like to know more about it. . How can I obtain more information on this?