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7 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas

“Since love is a magic, Valentine’s Day is the day of magicians! Whoever loves creates a magic; whoever is loved, a magic is created!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan (Contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist)

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. This day offers one clear cut opportunity to show love and appreciation for the people we adore. However Valentine’s Day also creates a significant amount of pressure. Everyone wants to be special and unforgettable and we all hope to make the person we love remember this day forever.

The big question is… how can we do this? We must remember that connection to our partner is what this day is all about, so here are 7 ideas on how we can surprise our partner and make this day special:

1. First Date and Recreation of Your Original Love Story.
You can pretend that you’ve just met and this is your first date, make it fun and remember all the feelings you had on your real first date. This will add a romantic sparkle!

2. Breakfast in Bed and a Day of Surprises for Your Beloved
You can stay in bed all day, uninterrupted. Turn off your phones, have breakfast in bed, play games or watch romantic movies together.

3. A Romantic Lunch/Dinner
To make Valentine’s Day special, organise a romantic lunch or dinner for two. You can spend time cooking together at home.

4. Write a Poem or a List of Reasons “…why I love you…”
This can be so special. You can express your love with loving words that will surely make your beloved feel great, special and cared for.

5. Book a Romantic Getaway

6. Reserve a Secret Spa Day
Book a couple’s massage as it would be just the thing to get both of you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

7. Do Something You Both Love
You can boost the adrenaline and organise a memorable experience- skydiving or plane flying lesson, a ride in a hot air balloon, car racing lessons or outdoor karting.

So, these were just some simple ideas for Valentine Day. And, we can play and improvise as much as we feel like as love has no limits. Any of our romantic ideas, carried out with love will be highly appreciated. The most important rule is to love and enjoy the simplicity of the moment.

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