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A $27 million super yacht on the street

super yacht

A $27 million super yacht on the street

When a massive super yacht is coming your way, it is quite scary. Whether you are in the water, or on land. Well, especially when you are on land. Except, people wanted to be present when this one was ‘roaming the streets’.

The 160-foot, $26.6 million yacht Aurora made its debut voyage in Viareggio, Italy. Just like the ‘real’ Aurora, who woke from her century-long slumber, the ship swayed majestically. Okay, it was on land, at night, and it nearly collided with a lamp post. People were still watching it in awe as it completed its 500-yard journey.

The view was a bit eerie though and a bit surreal. Yet, the lamp post was no iceberg and there was no harm done. Apparently, launching ships on land is a tradition that reaches way back, and especially in Viareggio. The Aurora was the second of three yachts the Rossinavi is launching this year. (Hurray, hurray.)

Those who saw the yacht are in for a surprise though. Will they ever see it again, and if yes, then where? The future of the ship remains a mystery, and might remain so for some time as its owner remains anonymous. All we know is that he is from Switzerland and 30 years old.

As opposed to the average 55-60-year-old gentlemen who would usually bid. This was a shock and surprise for the company, too. Also something that might change the future of the yacht industry. Ship owners might just be becoming younger. Who says that you can’t enjoy this exquisite pastime activity until 60, right?

Let’s consult the cards. Is the generation of luxury yacht owners becoming younger? What’s next?
super yacht

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Ten of Cups:
Yachts have a high value. They are priceless in the eyes of those who are ready to buy them. This is definitely the beginning of a new era, one that’s filled with long years of happiness. The game is changing, so watch this space!

Four of Cups:
Nothing in life should be taken for granted. This card reminds us to enjoy what we have, whatever it is. Although more and more people want that to be a luxury yacht, it doesn’t have to be. The transition won’t be immediate, but rather a gradual process.

King of Wands:
Whoever bought the yacht, one thing is certain: he has set an example. He is a natural born leader and people will follow his example. He is a goal-oriented person, who achieves what he wants through hard work.

So yes, things are changing, but not as fast as one would think. It will take time and lot of hard work, but it isn’t impossible.


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