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A Breakthrough is Coming With Ace of Swords Tarot

Ace of Swords

Breakthroughs With the Ace of Swords Tarot

Whenever I see the Ace of Swords in a reading spread, I know that new ideas and new plans are in the works. Cutting away the old ideas of the way you communicate with the world in success, love and finances. It indicates out with the old and in with the new with breakthroughs in ways of thinking, allowing you to view how to create the life you want to live with completely new and untried thought forms and ideas.

It is a is a sign that you are experiencing a wave of new energy in the mental realms of how you think about everything in your life. Possibly on the verge of a significant breakthrough that will allow you to change your world with new clarity and insight. It is representative of those ‘aha’ moments when you realize you have been holding onto a belief or thought process that has held you back from going for the golden ring you always thought was out of your reach. You may also have that sudden realization about an issue that has been troubling you and can finally see how to deal with it so clearly, you wonder why it never occurred to you before. Why? Because you weren’t ready to see it yet.

The Ace of Swords reversed can show that the new ideas are there and forming with new wants and desires but you may not be willing to do the work to make it happen or don’t know how to begin the process. Fear of failure may also stop you from expanding those new ideas and thought forms. It also may indicate that you are still not quite sure the new path of thinking is what you want to pursue, so you are sitting on the fence with no forward movement to make it happen.

In general, the Ace of Swords is asking you to let go of the old ways of communication and interreacting with your world and not be afraid to make that leap of faith in changing how you view it and everything and everyone in it. As the old axiom goes, “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: The Ace of Swords can represent you choosing to leave your present job and pursue a position that you once thought was out of your reach or make the decision to get the education or training needed to go for that new job you have been wanting. Your mindset changes into believing it is now possible.

Love and Romance: This card can also mean that you are you are ready to start a new relationship, letting go of old definitions of what you participated with in the past. If already in one, it can mean with your new way of thinking, something will change in the structure of the relationship. What you put up with before, maybe now you have no patience for.

Money: When it comes to finances, the Ace of Swords is shouting loud and clear to not take chances your money as it will soon be parted from you if you do. Watch that you do not overspend or invest any money that you couldn’t afford to lose. This also goes for being asked for you to part with your money as some sort of loan. The Ace of Swords represents cutting away the past, with that energy it may be in your best interests to not lend what you are asked as it shows there may be a good indication you will not get it back.

Health: The Ace of Swords is a great card to get when the issue of health comes up. It represents letting go of possible unhealthy habits that you have been wanting to be rid of for awhile or in the reverse, finally starting a good health regime. The emotional physical body never likes change, so expect some resistance on cutting out that midnight chocolate cake snack until you find a substitute that is healthier and have convinced your body how much better your new snack is for you.

Spirituality: You may finally let go of a religious belief system that hasn’t worked for you for some time. Don’t question why if you find yourself wanting to explore different viewpoints on what the universe is about and definitely don’t beat yourself up if they go against long held family traditions. Find your balance and what makes you feel closer to the universe on a personal level.

Susan Z’s Verdict

We are always changing and growing with new ideas everyday. You hear something, read something new and it strikes a chord of desire for change, causing you to question what was working for you before, might need some sprucing up or even thrown out and replaced with new thoughts and behavior. It’s all good.

Considering getting a tarot card reading? We have carefully screened and selected a range of gifted, compassionate tarot readers to provide clarity and new insights into your life. Online readers available 24/7.

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  1. Wow! You are very gifted, thank you very very much for the free reading! It resonates completely with what is going on in my life and in my thoughts with divine timing.. I’m really feeling like I am being pulled to be a Witness in the desert, so I’m crazed trying to come up with travel expense funds. I have stated my intention and know miracles are real…they happen around me every day! Much gratitude and love

  2. I love this article on healing the child with in us…it hits so close to home thank you xoxo