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A Couple of Tricks for Divining the Future


A Couple of Tricks for Divining the Future

There are many, many forms of divination ranging from natural-born abilities to techniques which can be learned. Some of the natural abilities include clairvoyance, remote viewing, mediumship, precognition and automatic writing … just to name a few. While I am not at all a proponent of Wikipedia, I stumbled upon a list of natural psychic abilities on their site when doing research for this article that claimed too many to count.

Among the learned abilities are astrology, runes, tea leaves, pendulums and tarot cards. Again, just to name a few.

It is my personal belief that every person is born with some type of ability, but sadly, few people are encouraged to develop and nurture their abilities. I have worked with people over the years helping them grow and develop their abilities and have found that some people need put forth little effort, while others must really work on it.

My 12-year-old grandson has watched me give phone readings using the Tarot cards over the years but he never tried reading himself until this past Thanksgiving. Until then, he had only casually looked at a couple of my cards.

Last Thanksgiving, I invited one of my long-time regular clients to spend the holiday with me, my children and grandchildren because she had no other family and was set to spend the day alone. Karen, my client, and my two older grandchildren were gathered around to take turns reading each other along with a couple of other relatives.

My grandson laid out about seven cards, in no particular order, then proceeded to explain what he saw in each to Karen, for whom he was trying to read. Knowing her as I do, I was floored when everything my grandson spoke of fit perfectly into Karen’s life. Everything. He was 100% spot on, and I was amazed because we have not ever discussed any of the cards and he had never even heard of Karen before that day. It just came naturally to him.

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While my grandson is among the rare few who can just casually take to the various forms of divination, there are techniques that even those who struggle greatly can utilize to make the learning process easier.

The main thing, and most important technique, is to simply RELAX. Do not ever try to make the message fit, be it with tarot cards, a crystal ball or any of the other countless forms of divination. You must just relax and trust what you see, hear, sense or feel.

While some forms of divination are more black and white, such as astrology, most are simply open to interpretation. I have written here before that I can see the exact same card for six different people over the course of a single day, and it will have a very different message each time.

I have worked with and interacted with countless fellow readers over the years and the techniques employed by them varies widely. Some readers must have very specific surroundings when trying to read such as candles, incense, good light, low light, certain colors or sounds. I have seen “seasoned” or more experienced readers who can conduct readings for three different people at one time. I have even given a reading at a crowded football game with the city championship on the line.

Over time, readers alter these techniques to fit their needs, as well as those of the seeker. But the key techniques remain the same: relax and trust the messages you get.

Sometimes the message you get does not fit right away but will make sense to the seeker later. When you get something that does not really make sense, simply set it aside mentally. Do not try to make it fit or force it to make sense.

Another key point is to not ever allow what another sees to color or influence what you see. An example: the color red; one reader may see it as indicating anger while another sees it as a more erratic energy. Hyperactivity, maybe.

There are countless videos on YouTube touting that they can teach you how to become psychic. You can also find just as many experienced readers willing to work with you one-on-one to help develop your own abilities.

Please be careful when paying someone to help you grow your abilities. Some people, like myself, support themselves and their families through their psychic abilities. Many of us will charge a nominal fee to work with “newbies”, while others see it as an opportunity to cash in. Beware of those persons and run if you cross paths with them.

Reading books and watching videos are good places to start, but do not rely on them to help you progress. Take their information into consideration but put your own gut intuition first, always. Relax. Trust. Be open to receive whatever messages come your way but never try to force it to make sense.

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  1. Hi I’m leanne my strong psychic ability would b claristine I also go the awareness class too do training too b a psychic medium I can connect with the spiritual world but I only feel an sense I just wanted too no went does my other clairs open up any information from u would b very grateful thanku

  2. Leanne, your mind and senses do not want to overwhelm you. Through my work in helping others develop their own abilities, I have discovered that, quite often, only one ability will be at the forefront at a time in the beginning.

    This is because it would be entirely too much for you to process if everything came forth at once, especially when working on mediumship. As you become more comfortable in one area, another ability may gradually come to reveal itself.

    Keep in mind, though, it is extremely rare that any one person possess all four clairs, Leanne. Those being: clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (thinking) and clairaudience (hearing).

    Thank you, very much, for your comment.

  3. What can you tell me about shadows that go places with a person when asked who they are they hide