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A Message of Hope from Master Psychic Vincent

A message of hope during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

First may I open with the message that I pray these words find you in good health. Humanity has entered a new and uncertain phase, as the whole of humanity battles an invisible but mutual enemy. Prior to this, most of us lived in a world where freedom, health, and life were almost taken for granted. Unlike our parents and grandparents who had lived through in some cases two world wars, we were the untouched generation.

Our daily life was consumed with little things, such as worrying about if we would like a meal, instead of being grateful we had food. Worrying about the colour of our new car, instead of being grateful we didn’t have to walk in the rain or the value of the freedom it offered us. That didn’t happen overnight, but over time we lost a valuable message that our ancestors knew only too well. Gratitude for the fact that we are here, and we are healthy.

The last few months have been uncertain and frightening for people, as the coronavirus swept across the world. A virus knows no skin colour or ethnic background. It doesn’t worry about what language you speak. It is the great leveller, as in the eyes of the universe we are all one race, a human race. This is a common enemy, and as a planet we must unite to clear it into a distant memory.

Reading the Cards

When I looked at what the cards had to say for the next few months, there was a great deal of isolation and personal battles going on across the globe. If you are that person in isolation who feels the world has forgotten you, that isn’t the case. We are depending on you and looking forward to the day you break free and reunite with us again. Think of the happiness everyone will feel just to be free again. When others see you out and about and healthy, you will be a symbol of hope for them. Your value is tremendous to all of us.

At the end of World War 2, people danced in the streets because they knew the value of normality. What was once considered mundane was now considered peace of mind and safety. They knew the value of life. They had survived when others didn’t. They sacrificed for years, when for us it will simply be a few months at most. This depends on where you are, as the withdrawal of the virus will be slow but certain. However, we take from this a valuable lesson. Every day is a precious gift, every person with red blood is your family. Isolation thought us the value of other human beings regardless of race.

While looking out across the next few months and the present time, I felt the following. March into April were obviously dull and withdrawn. The energy of the cards and the universe in general, were a time of great change. Even apart from what was happening in the world, it was changing within the individual. At the time Covid-19 was in its early days. Now that we are in early April, things are changing. We are not in the clear yet, and I fear April will still be a struggle for many.

Resilience and Hope

Many will lose people we know, and many will come back from the brink. But we must take a positive note in our heads as we are all soldiers in this war. Each have their place in this battle. As April moves into its middle weeks, I can feel a, more positive vibe clearing across the globe. It won’t be instant; it will move slowly. Perhaps May day will have a new meaning. In May, there is a feeling of relief and reflection on lessons learned and a new set of values.

The currency of life is love. Once we appreciate the value of our fellow human beings, we will stabilize things very quickly. Wars create strong people and valuable lessons; this is no different. On Behalf of myself, Master Psychic Vincent, and all here at 7th Sense, please stay healthy. Stay isolated, stay strong, and as the World War 2 song tells us, “We’ll meet again.”

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  1. Love your message. We as humans had forgotten that we are all the same. We had forgotten to be sincere in trying to help others. I personally try now and see more news on how the human race has come to help one another. God willing we will come out of this and you are right be strong for it. Stay healthy and safe.

  2. This is exactly what I had been saying since this virus hit the world especially this country. There is DEFINITELY a lesson to be learned. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world, but throughout time that hasn’t been the case.
    Life can be so great if only people would love each other more. Respect, and help those in need. God is watching, and he’s crying because we have let him down so many times. So yes, I agree that we needed a wake up call, and hopefully this is it.

  3. Thank You Mr Vincent with God help I’m going to stay safe in you do the same and thanks for this reading I ❤️ it

  4. I wish I could get a reading going thru this isolation period and I lost a man I was truly in love with he ghosted me and really we were never more than sex I saw him 6 years and the amazing thang is I got sober knowing him but the past year and half he changed on us we always have passion but now he ghosted me and I wish he give .mr closure but he wont he goes days without saying even hello and than he hit me up and i melt I’m weak to him it weird i always thought he and i would grow into more but didn’t and than my ex husband manny went to jail and I’m missing him because not like lour manny was in my life daily Bern married 14 years to him I’m scared he get sick in jail due to his health heart and stroke recently i just hope he gets this behind him if there a way u can give me help with a reading I appreciate it having a fire and replacing the damage it done I’m broke well my birthday was 1 of April 51 years and thank be to god 50 more thank u for u words of imencouragnent

  5. Thank you so much, what an incredible message of love and hope, especially to those in total isolation in their cocoon, to let those people know how valuable they are, that they will be a symbol of hope to all when once again they are out and about is so important, this should be printed in all the major newspapers across all the social media platforms, because right now they must be feeling very low and even just that part of your wonderful message will give them purpose and dignity in their quiet struggle to survive x

  6. Thank you Master Psychic Vincent for that very lovely message. Maybe this is what needed to happen to wake us all up to more love, kindness & compassion. ❤️ Stay Safe