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What is Adam Levines take on parenthood?

What is Adam Levine take on parenthood?

What is Adam Levine’s take on parenthood?

Adam Levine, what is going on? We hear you said you don’t know anything about being a Dad to little Dusty Rose? Well here’s a news flash. 90% of Dads are right there behind you. Most Moms seem to take to the role naturally when a new baby arrives into the home. And even though they may not think they are coping a lot of the time. Dad is normally standing behind her saying: How does she do that so well?

The truth is Adam, that most men are not raised to know anything about Babies. They are those cute little people who belong to other people. Whereas the Girls are expected to know this instinctively, this is not fair either. The Advantage of growing up in a large family like mine, (I have 11 siblings). Is that changing diapers is something you learn from an early age.

Being in the younger few of the family meant I did all the babysitting for my sibling’s kids. (for free I might add). Crying babies, changing diapers, bottle feeding and burping all came as second nature. Not that I ever had to use it on my own, as I don’t have kids. But you will learn quickly. Within a year or two she will have you wrapped around her little finger, just as all daughters do. But at least you will be an expert by the time the next one comes along.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well, let’s throw some cards around your journey as a Father Adam Levine.

The Eight of Coins

This card shows a new set of tools being laid out. Everything is changing from the way you knew it. Although this is amazingly satisfying, it is also followed by periods of frustration while you learn which tool to use where and when. Parenthood is a journey like any other. The destination is unknown and uncertain, but you learn the route on the way.

The Five of Swords

Here is the card around the feeling of helplessness and even a little stress thrown in there. A very normal reaction to the sudden change in your life. Suddenly there is someone who is the main focus of everything you do. One thing all parents tell me is that once this journey starts, you would not consider life on any other road.

The Five of Wands

This is the card of the magic touch. The one you wish you had from the early days in Dusty Rose life. Don’t worry, she will forgive you. Babies don’t hold grudges. But when she is joined by a sibling she will be watching you carefully. It’s all about learning, and just to make it more confusing. No two babies are the same. Mother nature has a lot to answer for.

Well enjoy the journey Adam, and don’t miss a day if you can avoid it. They are only children for a blink of an eye. Then you will only have the memories. Then one day the beautiful young lady she becomes, will ask you questions upon questions about this time. It’s ok to add a bit of drama in to make it sound better, all Fathers do. It’s kind of expected.

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