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Adam Levine welcomes first child. Do we have a name?

boehati prinsloo adam levine baby

Adam Levine welcomes first child. Do we have a name?

Adam Levine is high on life right now. His wife has recently given birth to their first child and they couldn’t be more thrilled. Supermodel Behati Prinsloo and her rockstar husband shared the news with the world but did not wish to reveal too many details. Understandable, it’s still early days. But surely, they have revealed whether it’s pink or blue! Yes indeed! Behati has given birth to a baby girl and we believe they have called her ‘Dusty Rose Levine!’

Adam has been gushing about the prospect of becoming a father to just about everybody, and now the dream has become a reality. Fatherhood beckons with all of its challenges. I don’t doubt that this is one little princess who will definitely be spoiled rotten.

Dare we mention the downside to this news. Maroon 5 were due to perform in Harford and have had to cancel the show. The band have issued a statement of apology to the fans. I’m sure the fan will understand so I wouldn’t worry about it too much Adam. They will be just as thrilled as you are, if that’s possible. One piece of ‘guidance’ for Adam. I hope he isn’t too attached to his sleep right now but one thing’s for sure Dusty Rose Levine ‘will be loved!’ Let’s see what the cards say for Adam.

Véronique’s Verdict

 We have the Princess of Pentacles, the Nine of Hearts and the Seven of Wands.

The Princess of Pentacles signifies the little princess herself. The new addition. Pentacles are very much associated with money and also with the practical aspects of life. There are going to be positive changes that Adam will deal with intuitively. Many parents have revealed that they acquired a 6thsense after having a child. There is a connection on a soul level and a feeling of knowing. I feel that Adam will share the best of himself as he engages in his role as a father. I feel that fatherhood will come naturally to him.

The Nine of hearts is the wish card. This superstar frontman has been granted his wish and he couldn’t be happier. I feel that there is a spiritual element around Adam right now and of inner healing. The sense that love conquers all. The memory of this will be drawn on should life become difficult in the future, maybe when the continuous sleepless nights arrive. There is an inseparable energy between Adam and Behati that is reinforced with their new bundle of joy.

The Seven Wands has brought out the warrior spirit in Adam. He is represented within this card as the lone figure standing defiantly in front of the battlements courageously challenging belief’s that may no longer serve him as a father. He is the embodiment of all that he has nurtured and cared for. There is a heroic energy around him and a sense of winning the day and taking a giant leap into the unknown. Parenthood definitely suits this couple and they have their new identity, starting with the new member of the Levine household. Good luck to both on their path to parenthood!

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