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Adele says no to Kardashian dinner.


Adele says no to Kardashian dinner.

This popular lady maintains her down to earth approach preferring to let her talents do the talking. More recently, Adele was invited to join the globally famous Kardashian for dinner. Seems like they’re keen to have her over. The Londoner is already friendly with some members of the clan, and apparently, Kim and Kanye are available to show her around town when she moves into her $7million home in LA. But the songstress is less than enthusiastic to make a personal appearance with the camera’s rolling. Kendall Jenner was recently a VIP guest at one of Adele’s gig’s. She claims to be nothing like her sisters, valuing her privacy. The offer of dinner is not ruled for the future, but for now, and despite being a huge fan of the show, Adele has politely declined.

There are some invitations she accepts, though. During a recent show in Los Angeles, in her usual style, Adele invited audience members to join her on-stage. The excited couple couldn’t contain their excitement, especially when Adele agreed to attend their 2017 wedding in Montana.

Another dream realized!

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Adele draw today? We have the Princess of Swords, the Ace of Pentacles and the Princess of Wands. Many are enchanted by Adele, and with good reason. There is a fun side and a directness that cuts through any ambiguity or extraneous words. Adele lives her truth and maintains her integrity. I feel there is an infatuation with her own train of thought but her intelligent manner prevents her from getting ahead of herself. The Ace of Pentacles is a new financial beginning with further mastery over the finances. I feel that there will be further material gains for her, she will have the world on her side and undertake the work required to bring plans into being. Her financial future is secure. The Princess of Swords shows further opportunities. There continues to be an enthusiasm with spontaneous inspiration, knowing that she will communicate with destiny on her path. This lady is unstoppable.

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