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How did Adrienne Bailon get dragged into it?

Adrienne Bailon

How did Adrienne Bailon get dragged into it?

Poor Adrienne Bailon. How embarrassing. Your ex-partner tells the world that one of his previous partners cheated on him with loads of guys. And next, all the fingers start pointing at her. Well, that’s what it felt like. However, she was quick to defend herself against any of those who would assume that she would do such a thing. Rob shouldn’t really be dragging outsiders into something which doesn’t involve them. This is between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, nothing to do with Adrienne or any other ex-partner.

She responded with:

“I absolutely never cheated on Rob, “She said during a daytime talk show preview clip. “And I just want to clarify that. And the way it’s said- it’s like she slept with many people.’ I’m like.’ Uh, I can’t speak for anybody else, but I can assure you that it was not me.”

Jealousy is a very dangerous poison to allow into any relationship. Everyone who comes to long-term relationships, do so with some baggage. They have all had a bad experience with someone else, but it was with someone else, not this person. In order to have a healthy relationship, each one should be judged on its own merit. Otherwise, Rob, you will only end up destroying the healthy relationship. It’s a bit like trying to heal a wound with a dirty bandage.  Your new relationship is the clean bandage. You don’t infect it before you dress the wound with it. Otherwise, it will never heal.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

I’ll address this to Adrienna Bailon, as it was her in the firing line.

Adrienna you drew the Six of Cups, the Seven of Cups and the Queen of Cups. All love cards.

The Six of Cups shows your dedication to those you love. You have a very giving nature, which drives you to please. This can sometimes get you hurt in the process. Just be careful that it doesn’t result in you bringing up a wall around yourself. We need more people in the world like this.

The Seven of Cups is something I would expect from someone born on the cusp of Libra/ Scorpio. A heart that is willing to please. You have to gift of entertainment, through your drive to make people happy. This is your path to true love. When you link to the person who is willing to give to you as much as you have to them.

The Queen of Cups shows your heart is now in the place it needs to be. Contented with someone who makes you feel the way you wish to. This relationship has all the potential to go the long haul. As with every relationship. This is a work in progress. You have taken the step towards engagement. This has wonderful potential. Take it day by day and enjoy the journey.

We wish you Adrienna Bailon and your fiancé Israel Haughton all our very best of wishes for your future together, from all at the 7th Sense Psychic line.

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