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What’s Alicia Keys take on Motherhood?

Alicia Keys

What’s Alicia Keys take on Motherhood?

Alicia Keys is a little taken back that her son Egypt will be 6 in October. But she is also happy that he is still at that innocent age. She disclosed during a recent interview how she can’t believe he is 6 years old already. Like all Parents, every year is a stepping stone to adulthood. Part of you wants to get them there. And the other half wants them to stay a baby forever. But the sands of time wait for no one.

Alicia said about her 6-year-old:
“I don’t know exactly how aware they are, and I like it like that. I love them to just be able to be innocent, and able to create their world and what the world looks like for them.”

I hate to be the one to break it to you, Alicia. But he is growing, and it won’t stop. Though there is truth in what you say. A happy childhood can make a wonderful young man. And one day you should be able to stand there looking at him as a grown man and say I did that. You only get one chance at rearing them. And they don’t come with an instruction book. But by all accounts, you appear to be doing well by protecting the childhood innocent years.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

Let’s throw a few cards around potential here, and see what the years have to offer Alicia.
The Page of Wands, show a young man with a very bright mind. Yes, his world is an innocent place as it should be. But his ability to take in all around him and store it for a later date will serve him well in years to come. It’s a creative mind and one who doesn’t mind asking questions. Because only through questions will he learn how to make sense of things around him.

The Two of Cups Show a great Mother-Son relationship. Of course, this is normal. But there is an open heart here that can tell you anything. This appears to stay with him as the years’ progress. The teenager Egypt will become will still be as close to you as he is now.

The Seven of Cups shows a man with a big heart. One who will have learned the value of other people. But it’s not totally something to be learned. This is something which will be genuine. It is something that has been born in him. And with nurturing, this could be his gift to the world. A big heart with a bright mind is exactly what the world of the future needs. Remember, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

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