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What is Alicia Keys protecting her sons from?

Alicia Keys - Disney movies

What is Alicia Keys protecting her sons from?

Alicia Keys has spoken out about the pressure that young women are under to feel perfect. She personally came under significant scrutiny when she ditched make-up from her life. And now… Alicia is creating controversy after speaking out about Disney Movies. Apparently, Snow White is banned in ‘Chez Alicia’. No Blanche Neige for her boys. No wicked step-mom with her poisoned apple, no whistling while we work, and no handsome prince to save the day.

Some Disney films have received bad press in recent years due to the way women are depicted. Alicia told ‘The Edit’ that she wants her boys to have good values and respect for women. She feels that this may not be possible if they watch films like Snow White whose title character is often seen cooking and cleaning. Alicia thinks it’s totally sexist and misogynistic. Maybe it is, but Snow White did not have a job and so isn’t it fair to make some kind of contribution to the household? Alicia did say that it’s ok for a woman to undertake this kind of role if she chooses to do so, e.g. if she is a stay at home mom. That’s ok then!

Apparently, extensive research has been undertaken and the whole ‘princess culture’ is ‘guilty of perpetuating gender stereotypes.’ Incidentally, the Snow Queen inspired film ‘Frozen’ has been given the thumbs up with the story of a fearless princess who sets off on a journey in order to find the sister who has inadvertently turned the kingdom into a permanent winter. Let’s not mention dysfunctional sibling relationships and rushing into marriage after only one ‘date.’

As long as someone else is doing the cleaning, hey Alicia!

Véronique’s Verdict

Alicia drew the Two of Hearts, the Three of Swords and the Eight of Hearts.

The Two of Hearts represents the two boys, aged two and six. Alicia is a fantastic mother with the best intentions. There is sense of romantic love and also familial love within this card as all hearts beat as one.

The Three of Swords is the card of loss. In this context, Alicia might like to take a step back from the whole gender stereotype issue. Childhood is precious and the boys are still quite young. I don’t feel that there is a need to protect children from Disney movies. Kids learn from about opposite sex and same sex relationships from their parents. The boys will learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from Alicia and they will continue to remain strong as a family unit.

The Eight of Hearts is the card of sacrifice. Alicia has gone through a process of removing things from her life that no longer serve her and has abandoned some of the things that she once sought.

I feel that Alicia will continue to protect her sons from the what she considers the evils of the world. She should consider that she is their female role model and not the Disney film character’s. Alicia is wished the very best on her journey through motherhood.

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