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Alligator Sanctuary On Alert As Floodwaters Threaten To Unleash Hundreds Of Gators

Alligator Sanctuary

Alligator Sanctuary On Alert As Floodwaters Threaten To Unleash Hundreds Of Gators

Well it looks like Texas is going to get a taste of what Floridians call a gator welcoming committee. In case anyone is not familiar with Florida residents having alligators welcome them home at their front door or using their swimming pools, it is an on-going everyday happening. Now Texans trying to swim their way of out of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding, might have to learn how to be resourceful on handling possibly not only one too friendly gator in their front porch and backyard but possibly hundreds. According to the alligator Sanctuary owner, roughly 350 reptiles potentially could swim out of their enclosures if water keeps rising.

Workers at Gator Country in Beaumont have been busy patrolling the watery grounds of the 15 acre preserve as water from Hurricane Harvey’s rain inches closer to the top of fences that enclose the reptiles. So far as of Monday evening, none had gotten loose. “We’re less than a foot from going over the fences. All of these are certified high fences, but look ― when it won’t quit, it won’t quit,” Gary Saurage, who founded the sanctuary in 2005, told the local television station during a tour of their facilities. Saurage assured neighbors that not all of the sanctuary’s animals risk escape. He said a breach would wash away 12 years he’s spent catching the creatures from people’s backyards, ponds, and swimming pools.

“The good news is, we caught all of our crocodiles, all of our venomous snakes,” he said. “Everything that is not from here, we have put up and moved to a safe place.” That includes two 13-foot alligators, Big Al and Big Tex. Those reptiles have been placed in trailers, where they will stay until the flooding subsides, Saurage said. He did request help on Facebook when he posted an alert moving the two gators.
#Ok folks I have made the decision to catch big al and big Red. We will be securing them in trailers. Then we will be catching our other gators. If your safe and can help call me. Saurage also posted a video to his Facebook page showing off his now-waterfront home with a boat parked outside. “I promise you we’re going to make a comeback,” he said in the video. “I don’t quit that easy.” The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office advised Twitter followers to “expect them to be displaced. Simply looking for higher ground.” “Anyone who sees a gator is urged to wait until the water recedes before going in the area”. Saurage said he is unable to respond to calls about gator sightings for the time being. “I’m focused on containing all our gators here,” he said. Yikes!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Living in Florida through the 4 huge hurricanes that landed there several years ago, I can relate to the issues Beaumont County, Texas are facing. 350 loose alligators fortunately, were not one of them. I am fairly sure Saurage will be able to contain his alligators so they will not be another nuisance the displaced, homeless and soaked Texans will have to deal with.

Princess of Pentacles:
New plan of creativity in the works. A fairly solid card to pull under these circumstances as Suarage is having to face the possibility of his alligators swimming over his enclosure and making plans to see that they don’t.

Princess of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
Young energy and inner child optimism and sometimes defiance. Pulled inverted, it shows Suarage will do everything he can to contain his alligators but he also sees the humor in locals possibly finding an alligator sunning themselves in their driveway or swimming in their pool.

Two of Wands: Inverted
Future success on the horizon. Pulled inverted might indicate that as much as Suarage assures the local residents there will be no loose gators, one or two might just make a dash for freedom before he realizes they are gone.

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