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Amazon refunds purchases made by kids

Amazon refunds

Amazon refunds purchases made by kids

A few years back, parents’ biggest concern was whether their kids would skin their knees. Today, kids can not only cause damage to themselves, but to their parents’ bank accounts, too. All they need to do is click a button or two. Especially if they are playing any of Amazon’s games on mummy’s phone.

What started out as an ‘easy’ way to entertain modern day kids became a nightmare. Both for parents and for Amazon. Kids realised that their favourite games came with a ‘free’ upgrade. Or, at least it didn’t cost them much, apart from a simple click. The parents, on the other hand, got a huge bill (and nearly a heart attack).

Now, the tables have turned, as Amazon agreed to pay. The major company was found guilty last year in illegally billing some of its clients. There wasn’t sufficient warning towards the customers. The apps were free to download initially, with in-app purchases. No password was necessary, so, in effect, kids could spend endless amounts.

As it turned out, that amount came to an estimate of $70 million. Although that’s but a rough estimate and might not be near the actual digits. Amazon tried to appeal, but it seems like they are ready to bite the bullet and pay instead. So, the year-long battle is about to end and parents can relax but can they, really?

This ‘threat’ is very real in modern society, and there are but a few things to do against it. Where are the good old days when parents’ biggest worry was whether their kid would skin their knees? Let’s ask the cards to see what could be done to avoid this happening in the future. We would also love to hear your opinion on the topic.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Queen of Swords:
The parents always need to judge for themselves what precautions seem relevant for them. They have an understanding of their child’s needs and act in their best interest. However, in this case, thinking with one’s head and instead of their heart is required.

King of Pentacles:
Parents need to be in control, even if that seems impossible. Taking responsibility is crucial, as well as attention to detail. Communication needs to happen, one way or another.

The Hermit:
This is a lonely path, one that nobody else can make a decision about. There is a need to look deep within and weigh one’s options.

So, no matter what advice anyone gives, parents always have a choice. Hopefully with the extra measures in place, they will have less things to worry about.


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