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It’s not over for Amber Heard. Will she ever move on from Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard

It’s not over for Amber Heard. Will she ever move on from Johnny Depp?

The relationship and subsequent divorce of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp should really be old news. We have witnessed the whirlwind romance and the marriage. Albeit short-lived. We read about the brutal allegations, the ‘accidentally’ leaked video footage, the separation, the divorce, the legal settlement. There were many witnesses dragged into the whole sorry saga.

Amber with principals previously said that the financial settlement was not actually about the money. She didn’t want it for herself, rather she would donate 100% of the cash to women’s and children’s charities. Amber gratefully receive what she asked for, $7million! Result!

Johnny and his people made arrangements to donate to Amber’s nominated charities, the ACLU for domestic violence and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Amber wished Johnny all the best. End of subject. Except it’s not! Apparently, Johnny has been told by Amber’s people to double the amount paid to the charities or pay the full amount immediately rather than by installments in order to take into account his tax deduction. He made the charitable donations and the charities expressed gratitude. I doubt he was trying to undermine Amber’s integrity or imply that Amber couldn’t be trusted to make the donations herself.

Johnny’s paid out, Amber wants the charities to have the full amount right now and not in installments. I don’t doubt that many people will benefit from the money, but one thing is for sure, Amber and her team seem determined that Johnny does not come out as the good guy.

Is Amber going to move on from this sorry state of affairs?

Véronique’s Verdict

Amber drew The King of Wands, The Princess of Hearts and The Strength Card. I feel that this continues to be a work in progress and Amber will dig deep within her emotional reserves to do what she believes is best for the charities. She made an elaborate gesture based on what she believed someone else was gong to do. This did not happen. There is an arrogance within her that she is able to call the shots but in spite of these aberration’s there is an honest dependability about her.

The Princess of Hearts and The Strength Card represent Amber’s perception of a happy ending. There is an emotional naivety around Amber, she is ready to assist those in need and will continue to do so. The brave young princess now considers herself to be the queen of strength. By conquering her own fears she will work towards harnessing the power of her spirit. I feel that Amber is not yet ready to move on or take absolute responsibility for here actions. She has further to travel on this particular life path and will require further strength in order to deal with the inevitable repercussions moving forward.

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