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Why wouldn’t Amber Heard answer questions?

Amber Heard

Why wouldn’t Amber Heard answer questions?

Mystery surrounding the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce deepens yet again. As you will remember, she is accusing Depp of violent behaviour. However, at her deposition on Saturday she refused to be questioned. Why? If you have been in a violent relationship and here is your chance to fight your side, you speak up, or so you would think. Not only did she turn up late, but she refused to come into the room.

It was claimed by Depp’s Legal team, that Heard showed up late and then threw a tantrum. Instead of going in and fighting her corner, she was crying yelling and screaming in defiance. She refused to submit herself for questioning on two occasions, at 2pm and again at 5.30pm. What did she think divorce was? “I don’t like you now pay me and go away?” This has got to be one of the messiest divorces in a long time. With Amber accusing Johnny of assault and all of Johnny’s ex-partners saying that they have never seen this side of him and now she won’t be questioned? This leaves a lot of room for doubt on the story, but this is not a court of law, and people react in different ways to different things.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What are the cards saying at this stage of the game? The Six of Coins quite obviously points to the financial settlement which would appease the whole situation. This will be hard fought, as she needs to calm down and talk. If she has a point to make, drama is not the way. The Temperance Card shows the need for peace to reign. Amber is not doing herself any favours by screaming and shouting, not now or for her future. The Ten of Swords is not a card you want to get in a divorce case, as it shows that there is still more drama to come. More accusations could potentially be brought up, but will there be proof to back it up?

As the 7th Son of a 7th Son, Vincent was born a Psychic, Clairvoyant and Healer according to Irish folklore. For decades, Vincent has used his gifts to help people from all walks of life find clarity, direction and purpose. Now he can help guide you.

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