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Was Angelina and Brad last public outing at twins birthday brunch?

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt brunch

Was Angelina and Brad last public outing at twins birthday brunch?

The rumor’s have been rife for a while now and there has been much speculation around the relationship of Angelina Jolie, 41 and Brad Pitt, 52. The divorce papers were issued to Brad on September 15thciting ‘irreconcilable differences,’ so now everyone knows there’s a high likelihood that it’s over between them. It’s always really sad when long-term couple’s split up in such a ferocious manner, especially when there are children involved. Every part of family life now seems to be fair game in the media. There appear to be far too many people gleefully rubbing their hands together to add fuel to the inferno. Definitely not cool.

There were photos taken a couple of months ago on Vivienne and Knox’s eighth birthday when the couple treated the kids to a low key birthday meal in a West Hollywood Cafe. There’s never a right time to separate, but I wonder if Angelina was waiting for the twins birthday celebrations to pass before dropping the bombshell.

Of course, we don’t really know what went on in their personal lives, we only know what’s being reported. What we do know is that generally, the person who serves the papers is the one who’s had enough. The issues of parenting methods, anger, alcohol / substance use and abuse seem good enough reasons to remove the person temporarily from the family unit until they’ve sorted themselves out. When a couple have the kinds of issues that have been described, then it’s time to take a step back and consider future options.

So now, many aspects of family life as they knew it are being misconstrued, pulled apart and amplified in the most shocking manner. I think we’ve all read about the conflicting parenting styles and horror stories from the zillions of nannies. I don’t doubt the children are in the hearts of the general public.

The issue of working mother’s who choose to home-school their children has been raised. This is a decision that many mother’s take for reasons personal to themselves and evidently it’s more common than people seem to think. The kids get to go on a few adventure’s with their mother and the hired help, and provided the hired help are reliable and doing a decent job in the first place, there’s no problem, right? Many families take sabbaticals to other parts of the world, mother, father and kids, and some schools seem to support the semi-nomadic approach, the emphasis on keeping ‘families’ together. But this isn’t any old family. Six nannies for six children plus a couple extra, together with personal tutors. Maybe throwing money at the issue of raising children isn’t the answer, but let’s be honest, the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were not going to have the typical lifestyle that a regular family would have. Over the years we’ve read in the press about wayward nannies having sexual relations with the man of the house. Taking on outside help is meant to alleviate the stress not create more. Did Angelina have the right support from Brad? Clearly not!

Jolie has served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency through the duration of their relationship. She has not been without health issues having a double mastectomy and then going on to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. Both preventative measures against cancer. He’s clearly supported her through the big pants stuff.

Angelina wrote, directed and produced romantic drama ‘By The Sea’ that they both starred in. It was about a couple who stayed at a French hotel whilst trying to repair their marriage. At the time Jolie said that she and Brad had their issues like any other couple. She said that the problems in the film were not specific to them. I bet this is one film that’s flying off the shelves right now.

Dealing with the big issues is actually quite easy for a lot of people because when your back is against the wall, there is no other option. However, dealing with the day to day things can take its toll and this is where the cracks start to show if the right kind of support is not in place. Being charismatic and flirting with co-stars and nannies might be a bit of fun as long as both partner’s agree that it’s no big deal. The problem arises when one partner takes issue, but the other just carries on regardless. The subtle message is that they’re not as rock solid as people believe because that’s the message that the flirtatious charmer wishes to convey. And now they are both picking up the pieces!

Véronique’s Verdict

Without further ado let’s just see what the cards today and I’m focusing specifically on Angelina Jolie. We have the Prince of Wands, The Sun and The Empress. Interestingly not a Sword in sight, not any of the major arcana cards that I would have expected to come out here.

The Prince of Wands is most definitely a message about change, and this is linked to both residence and daily routine. Something of an understatement I would say. There is an unpredictable and competitive energy here. The separation was fueled by passion and a need to fulfill other personal ambitions. Linked with the following two cards, the prince of wands is very much about the children. Let’s look at the next two cards.

The Sun represents a life-giving blessing and the divine child within every individual. Angelina may have reportedly had a challenging relationship with her father but there appeared to be a sense of history repeating itself and she was not going to allow the same dynamics within her own brood. She is a dynamic leader and these qualities will be put to good use in leading her children with love and warmth.

The Empress is the mother figure who has an open and sympathetic heart. The decision to bring her family back together it her utmost goal here. I feel that her wishes will be provided for as she draws on all the strength within her heart, the uniting of the collective unconscious. The most laid back mother will turn into a ferocious tigress when it comes to defending her children and this is something that Angelina does naturally. She will continue to take her time gaining the best kind of support for herself and exert any power within her towards her children with a loving hand.

Nobody said parenthood was easy, but she’s most certainly ready for the challenge. Good luck to Angelina on the next phase of her life path.

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