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Why is Angelina Jolie in Mother overdrive?

Angelina Jolie

Why is Angelina Jolie in Mother overdrive?

Angelina Jolie is said to be beside herself with worry. She is trying to protect her six children from the drama and media coverage of the breakup. It would appear that she is doing what every Mother would. Protecting them from the rumours and untruths that often fly across the media. For the ordinary couple on the street, this is already a difficult thing to do. Neighbours will talk and there will be a lot of maybes and could be. but when you have the world tuned into your family this makes it all the more difficult.

We covered the Story on Brad Pitt last week. Now perhaps it’s only fair to have a look at Angelina’s side of the story. She is a Mother to six children. That is a lot of work by anyone’s standards. And when a marital breakdown hits, she instinctively must protect them. It’s important to ensure none of the children feels they are at fault. Very often children dragged into these marriage breakdowns become the victim. They are dragged from one parent to the other like ammunition. Twelve years is a big lump from anyone’s life. Let’s not underestimate the hurt that this breakdown brings to all involved. I hope that while people are dancing all over this. They hold some respect for those in the centre and some compassion for the hurt they are feeling.

Let’s see what the Cards say for you Angelina, remembering we are not taking sides or judging.

The Queen of Coins indicates you have your priorities in place. You are The Mother which is signified by the Queen card in any form. Your instincts are guiding you well. You are aware that sacrifices will need to be made. And they must be made to get to where you need to be for peace of mind. You didn’t enter this journey easily or without deep consideration for all other options. Trust that you are now on the journey to where you need to be.

The Seven of Swords shows that battles will have to be fought. The truth will be mixed with untruths blown out of all proportion. It’s important to maintain your usual grace at times like this. Although the temptation to rise to the fight may be overwhelming. Like all good Mothers, when it involves your children, all bets are off.  But you are also teaching your children a valuable lesson in dignity.

The Knight of Cups shows good council. It shows that there is someone close to home who guides you well. It’s important that it is someone who can judge the situation from a neutral platform. Some are inclined to say what they think you want to hear. But if some of the truths are uncomfortable, they are the truths. Take note of them and try to make the best out of a sad situation.

Whatever the outcome, we wish you a speedy resolution with minimum hurt all round.

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