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Anne Hathaway and post baby body

Ann Hathaway

Anne Hathaway and post baby body

Anne Hathaway recently revealed she is not quite ready to return to her normal routine only eight weeks after giving birth. While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres show revealed the experience of  her first visit back to the gym after giving birth.

She also revealed how being a Mom has changed her, and we all know this happens to everyone, and the change is normally for the better. She spoke about how she wasn’t intimidated in the gym after the baby, and quiet rightly so Anne, you have done the most amazing thing in the world, you brought life into it. If only more new Moms realised this. She is not taking the whole get back into shape thing too seriously, this takes time and there are other priorities. Anne listen to your body, not the fashion. Every woman is unique and equally as wonderful.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Anne’s cards revealed The Nine of Wands and The Queen of Cups. You could say these are the cards of the working Mother. The Queen of Cups is the Mother card and shows where her heart and mind will be in the next twelve months. But seriously! Did I really have to draw a card for that one? Maybe not, but it’s fun.

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