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Another Oscar Nomination for Nicole Kidman!

Another Oscar Nomination for Nicole Kidman!

Another Oscar Nomination for Nicole Kidman!

Nicole Kidman has received her fourth Oscar Nomination for her role in Lion. She plays Sue, the adoptive mother of five-year-old Saroo. This true story tells us about the young Saroo, the adoration that he has for his older brother and their hard-working single mother. We live through the fatal night when the brothers become separated. Saroo falls asleep on a station-platform bench. Panicked and alone, he boards a train ending up in the city of Kolkata, he can’t speak the local language or correctly say the name of his village so no-one is able to help him get back home. Saroo survives long enough to be rescued and adopted by an Australian couple. Fast forward twenty-five years, Saroo sets out to find his long-lost family.

Nicole says that Lion is a story of loss and longing, primarily about love and mothers, and the power of mothering and parenting. It’s about Saroo’s dilemma as he reveals to his Australian adoptive mother that he’s trying to track down his birth family, not wishing to cause hurt to the generous, supportive people who rescued him from poverty, hunger and the potentially dire consequences of being a homeless child. She says that the fear of losing or becoming separated from a loved one is something that everyone can relate to and you don’t have to go through it to feel the what ifs?’

Let’s leave the last word to Nicole ‘My fourth nomination! I’m just amazed that…at this age (she’s 49), my career still is hanging in there.’

Véronique’s Verdict:

Nicole drew the Eight of Pentacles, the Queen of Hearts and the Two of Hearts.

The Eight of Pentacles
This represents the hard graft that Nicole has put into learning her craft and building her career. Nicole is entirely deserving of the fourth Oscar Nomination and this card reveals future profits from the film.

The Queen of Hearts
This is Nicole’s significator. Lion is a film that tugs on the heart strings and tear ducts. Nicole’s ability to draw on her personal experiences as an adoptive mother served her in portraying the raw emotions and gutsy Oscar-worthy performance.

The Two of Hearts
This represents the relationship in Nicole’s life. Pictorially symbolic, two beautiful white swans circle in a calm stream, mated for life in a unifying declaration of true love.

Today’s cards bode well for a win. However, I feel that Nicole’s motivation around the film was her opportunity to tell her own story as an adoptive parent. Well done Nicole, we salute you!
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