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April: The month of dynamic opportunity

As we begin this very exciting month of April, there will also be many opportunities for change, reflection, and soul-searching. I love the term, “April showers bring May flowers”. As the vibrancy and freshness of spring continues, we ourselves will be going through a metamorphosis just in time to correspond with this seasonal change.

With the seasonal weather of greater warmth, this will also encompass more opportunities involving social and personal expansion. The growth potential now is limitless across the board in all twelve astrological signs during this new month of April, as personal and archetype planets welcome the month of April as well.

A new opportunity in careers and finances, personal romantic relationships, as well as family and health, as this time comes with an abundance of new energies.

If you have experienced a hard time in dealing with issues that once created a vacuum of emotions, then April will provide the perfect environment to create the atmosphere in becoming more creative to suffice your emotional needs and bring about balance moving forward in the months ahead.

Watch out for Mercury retrograde

However, this window of opportunity to bring about changes will be impacted by the upcoming Mercury retrograde that officially starts and ends from May 10th to June 2nd.

So, it is therefore imperative to strive during this month to accommodate the time necessary during the month of April to facilitate these opportunities.

As more and more countries begin lifting the protocols of mask and social distancing mandates we have had to deal with for the past two and a half years, we must seize the moment to begin the repairs of relationships that may have become distant or convoluted in nature but, still be cautious of our health as well as that of others.

As we still remain pensive about world developments, we must also strive to remain strong in our spiritual beliefs, that this also will come to pass, never losing hope that April will also provide resolution to the ongoing worldwide crisis that envelopes us.

Eliminate pessimism in April

Personal growth and development cannot be deterred by what is going on globally, as we collectively strive to accomplish our goals and ambitions for this year and the decade ahead. If we remain confident within ourselves, then no goals are too lofty for us to achieve. Confidence within us can bring about confidence with others to bring about clarity and progress.

The kinetics for achievement during the month of April begins the change necessary for this year, and will most definitely impact our lives for the better moving forward.

I can assist you with your own individual needs as circumstances may differ whether your concerns are about a personal romantic relationship, family, coworkers, or others. Guidance now would be imperative during this time so that you will be better able to navigate through these changing and very exciting times ahead as the month of April could very well be the zenith of opportunity for this year.

April is the paradigm of optimism which will eliminate pessimism and many anxieties you may have been experiencing before this time, and removes the dubious feeling of melancholy associated with lack of progress. So please give me a call so that we can work together and bring about the change that will most definitely allow you to look at life in a more positive light and remove any shadows of doubt you may have about yourself or others. Forming a sense of cohesiveness in April, will assure success in the months ahead, and happiness will abound.

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  1. Very well put and I really like this author! Every year come March and then April, I remember that little saying from since I was a kid. “April showers bring May flowers” How true and HUGE that little term or saying actually is! In all nature including ourselves! It’s a time for growth! Wow ? what a breath of fresh air after just coming out of the winter months. I will definitely be getting a reading! Thank you Mikhail and 7sense!

    1. Thank you for comment Antony, as well as your memory of that saying as I have fond memories of it as well. I will look forward towards reading for you as well. Kind regards – Mikhail x560