Are Twin Flames Always Meant to Be Together? 7 Red Flags to Look Out For

What Does Being a Twin Flame Mean?

Like a love letter torn in two, twin flame flames are two halves of the same whole, bringing deeper meaning to each other’s lives. However, twin flames are not meant to complete each other, a common misconception. They are intended to give each other a greater sense of wholeness within themselves. Acting as a mirror, reflecting your shadows, allowing you to encounter and ultimately transmute them into the light.

Although a twin flame inspires you to be your most authentic self, highlights your intrinsic value, and opens your heart to unconditional love, that doesn’t mean it is all sunshine and rainbows! Releasing, healing, and growing is like cultivating a garden, messy and arduous, but well worth it when the fruits of your labor blossom and you can enjoy them together!

However, this intense energy often leads to many highs and lows along the twin flame journey. Making it hard to know if you and your other half can weather the storm. Keep reading to find out!

7 Signs You and Your Twin Flame Will End Up Together

1. Accountability Vs. Avoidance
Although you share a soul, your life’s purpose is your own. Twin Flames are meant to encourage and support each other’s spiritual growth, not be held accountable for it.
Red Flag – A Twin Flame that resists responsibility for their own soul’s progression.

2. Confidence Vs. Codependence
Despite the highs and lows of the twin flame journey, or maybe because of them, you will awaken to the truth that you are and have always been enough!
Red Flag – A sense of self-esteem that rises and falls based on your twin flame’s mood and behavior.

3. Transmuting Vs. Tormenting
When trust issues arise between you and your twin flame, it should be the inspiration you need to retrace your trauma and fear, healing the wound at its source.
Red Flag – Feeling or being made to feel guilty, “crazy,” or shameful for voicing your concerns.

4. Wisdom Vs. Wariness
Twin flame connections are not exempt from conflict. In fact, you may experience more disagreements than in past relationships. Yet these conflicts should trigger reflection, inspiring you both to dive deeper or shift your perspective higher.
Red Flag – Conflict causes you and your partner to avoid each other, coming back together without new insight.

5. Sharing Vs. Shutting Down
Miscommunications are bound to happen. When they do, you and your twin flame should benefit from these teachable moments, improving your communication skills, learning to express yourself in healthier ways.
Red Flag – Miscommunications leads to you or your partner shutting down, belittling each other, or shouting.

6. Individuality Vs. Isolation
Unity is as essential to the twin flame connection as independence is. It is necessary to be unified in supporting one another as you pursue your individual goals. When one wins, you both win!
Red Flag – Feeling your dreams are unsupported or being excluded from your partner’s long-term goals.

7. Ascending Vs. Abused
Spiritual growth is hard! This is why having your twin flame for encouragement, support, and comfort as you navigate the precarious road of self-actualization feels so divine. While no one said it would be easy – it should be easier with them by your side
Red Flag – A twin flame connection is never an excuse to be mistreated or abused in any way.

Because the twin flame connection is a gift from the divine. It is a way of giving you a taste of your spiritual home while living your human experience, ensuring you never have to walk alone.

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