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Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

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Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

In today’s society, the line between modern femininity, strength of character and still holding onto your sense of womanhood gets blurred, in the work force and in relationships. As we have seen in the news, especially in Hollywood and the entertainment field in general, women are fighting for their rights to not be taken for granted and to be treated as an equal.

Then there is a great debate if that is even possible and still feel that pull of Goddess energy that has descended on our planet since the 80’s. It is a fine line to walk, fighting for equal rights in feminism and to also dearly hold onto to what makes you so beautiful, desired, nurturing, bearing children and feel completely and totally like a woman. What that energy is Goddess energy! I believe regardless of the new rules demanding equality in a patriarchal society, it is the Goddess energy that is the most powerful. As the saying goes, behind every powerful man is an even more powerful Goddess.

Doing a little research from the metaphysical approach to what Goddess energy is, there is a very clear line of what a modern-day Goddess is now. She no longer floats around with gossamer dresses, ribbons flowing from her hair (although there are still a few out there who enjoy that look), playing flutes to the gods and catering to every whim of her own personal male God. A modern-day Goddess looks, sounds and acts like this. I am sure you will recognize many of the qualities you carry with you everyday.

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Modern Day Goddess

  1. She is a continual creator of new ideas and dreams, creating her ideal life according to her own definitions of happiness. Constantly changing and adjusting to what feels right for her.
  2. She follows her own dreams not asking for the approval of others.
  3. She is wildly passionate. She exudes an enthusiasm that is attractive, contagious and inspiring. She’s the woman in the room everyone gravitates to because she has that “certain something” that no one can put their finger on.
  4. She doesn’t make excuses for her actions or words but does hold herself accountable for them.
  5. She is mindful of taking care of her body in the best way she can with being aware of what she eats, exercising when she can, getting enough rest, trying to get as much fresh air as possible and of course, buying and slathering on the best anti-aging creams out there!
  6. She is always evolving. Aware she is no longer a teenager with unpredictable illusions and expectations but a woman who can make her own way if need be.
  7. Respectful of her body and who she allows it to be intimate with. She is aware that sharing body fluids always leaves behind something with you that you may not want to keep.
  8. She is intuitive and sensitive to her surroundings, respecting her boundaries and others. She has learned to “agree to disagree” and sometimes just walk away from an opportunity to be right at the cost of a friendship or a relationship.
  9. She knows that the word “no” is a complete sentence, uses it when necessary and instinctively knows when she is giving her power away by feeling guilty in reluctantly changing her answer to yes.
  10. She has learned through life’s lessons that you don’t always win nor always get what you desire and has worked diligently on accepting that if one door shuts, another one opens. Maybe to where you were supposed to be all along.
  11. She has discovered it is better to ride the wave of life and go with the flow, to ask for and accept help when she needs it. She is flexible and adaptable to most situations and has worked very hard to give up the need to control or manipulate to get what she thinks she needs at the moment.
  12. She will honestly take a look at her own shortcomings without beating herself up over them. She will mourn her losses and face her fears. She understands that everyone, including herself, will experience pain because it’s part of life. She works through her own pain with her feminine courage, grace and dignity, without trying to avoid, suppress, blame or numb it.

Susan Z’s Verdict

These attributes are what make you a woman and a modern Goddess. Only you have the ability to bring life into the world, nurture, have compassion and know that love of self is the most powerful energy in the world. You can move mountains when told what you are dreaming is impossible and create miracles through love when all hope seems lost. That is what a modern-day Goddess is capable of, just as she has always been through ancient times and in today’s crazy world.

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  1. Thank you for helping me to understand what my life and every life consists of without any discomunication you are a blessing to us souls and I thanks the lord for the blessings he has given every soul and creature or thing living ✨

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