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Are You A Spiritual New Ager?

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Are You A Spiritual New Ager?

The New Age movement grew in popularity during the 1970s and 1980s through the teachings of David Spangler and other metaphysical religious groups. It basically has its foundations of creating a new era or (New Age) that brings humanity under one umbrella of belief. Unifying a heightened spiritual consciousness accompanied by social and personal transformation starting with the eradication of hunger, sickness, poverty, racism, sexism, and war. The second unifying theme is that individuals could find enlightenment through personal spiritual transformation, healing, and growth.

That is the textbook version of what New Age thinking was supposed to have accomplished during the era of peace, love and world unity. Regardless of what the world’s state is in at the moment, which is not the foundations of the New Age belief, great progress has been made and important changes in our thinking of us as one humanity, who were ready to accept them, started a movement that continues to this day. All you have to do is go back and look at some of the historical pictures and information from the 50’s and 60’s to know how much of an impact this belief system changed our world.

So, what exactly makes you a New Ager? They are as diverse as the people who embrace them. The list is long but I have condensed some of the most important belief foundations that basically just good people live by. And by the way, most people who started in this movement, do not care to be categorized as a New Ager, they have now become something else that is more enlightened and aware. They put their own personal stamp on it, as it should be.

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  1. Meditation or quiet time within connecting with the inner Divine source is an absolute must. Whether you do it daily, all day long or just a few times a week. It is in that solitude where your peace and answers come from. Lots of self-help book reading and gurus come along with it but it is mostly about your personal connection with the Divine Spark within.
  2. Peace and unconditional acceptance is the ultimate goal of any person that holds to New Age beliefs versus a fight for justice. Whether that peace is in your personal life or world peace, it is the future that was held and still is by those that embrace the philosophy. Paraphrasing the humanitarian, Mother Theresa, “I will not march for a protest AGAINST war but I will march FOR peace.”
  3. Never engage in a confrontational effort of convincing someone else of your belief system. Better to stay quiet and allow them their beliefs. Even deeply spiritual followers are changing that attitude in today’s climate of disregard for those in need.
  4. Violence is NEVER the solution to any issue. In the beginning of this movement, a true pacifist approach was taken but through the years, it has evolved into the same non-aggressive form but now unwilling to take any shit from anybody. A little more balanced standing up for many injustices.
  5. Recruitment to your way of spiritual thinking is frowned upon. The general attitude is when the student is ready, the teacher will appear….and that rule is 100% true.
  6. In the beginning of the New Age movement, Angels, extraterrestrials, and other higher-dimensional beings were going save the world, so there was no need to get radical about anything to improve ourselves or our world. In the decades that have passed, New Agers have now awakened to a co-creating energy with the Divine. In other words, “God helps those who help themselves and then surrender and let go and let God.”
  7. New Age thinking has now embraced the co-creating reality and accepted that life is not always fair but there is a divine plan in order, even if we cannot see it or know of it. Instead of looking for proof, the foundations are now faith, hope and a belief that somehow things work themselves out if you actively participate. The idea of waiting to be saved has fallen by the wayside.
  8. What still holds true in New Age thinking is the avoidance of negative people and working on not becoming one yourself. The acceptable thought process is that you reap what you sow and are manifesting moment by moment.
  9. New Age thinking encourages imagination, introspection, spiritual growth and a co-creating perspective on reality. It can genuinely make life better versus of waiting to be good enough to be saved but not quite knowing what that looks like.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Even though the New Age movement started with some pretty bizarre concepts, its heart was in the right place and still is. It has matured, learned how powerful we are as individuals, stopped waiting for a Deity to come and save us without doing the inner spiritual work and still are dreamers who believe humanity at its core has the capacity to be loving, compassionate and kind. Regardless of how bad things look in the news, we still have hope.

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  1. I know I have a gift just don’t quite know anything about it? I have so many questions about all my life experiences? I’ve lived a quite diverse life! I spent most of my life wandering who I am? I was robbed of my innoscense as a child.i spent 34 years of my life drug addicted. I’ve been to the dark side and was trying all kinds of different types of spiritual discipline? I want so very much to have a mentor in life’s work. I know and have known I’m not like others..It would be such a blessing if I could finally get some answers thank you for your time and possible feedback woman in a state of limbo sincerely, CHARLETTE L BARR

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