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Are You a Spiritual Warrior?

spiritual warrior

Are You a Spiritual Warrior?

I first heard the phrase “Spiritual Warrior” in my years of Spirituality 101. Everything was new and shiny and I had an insatiable curiosity of anything that had to do with metaphysics, spiritual awareness and well… just about the whole lot. Interests came, stayed for awhile and then went on to be replaced with something more exciting and challenging. But what I do remember from those days when I could not get enough books to read, went to every seminar, saw every metaphysical speaker and went to every psychic fair, the phrase, “Spiritual Warrior,” kept coming up in conversation.

When the spiritual movement first grabbed hold and everyone wanted to know and understand what really being spiritual meant versus religious. Many were disgruntled with their lifelong church beliefs and were looking for a more open hearted, open minded and braver way to face the world everyday. Learning to take on the responsibility for creating your own happiness or misery, (in co-creation with the divine) versus a divine entity that had complete power over your life with you having no input.

What I discovered in those curious days was you truly had to have a warrior mentality to choose a path of surrender versus control and expected reward. We stopped blaming and got brave enough to accept being accountable for our actions, thoughts and words created the very existence we were desired. We discovered that life ISN’T naturally fair. People getting everything they materially wanted in life were actually shits and despicable. We also saw people with good hearts, compassion and kindness get kicked in the teeth and knocked down in life. Since we are incapable of seeing the big picture we scripted for ourselves once the life veil drops and how others play their part in our life; good or bad.

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That’s when you learn what a true spiritual warrior is. A spiritual warrior, if allowed to run free without the ego’s control and interference, sees gratitude in the gift of experiencing a life that you never quite know how it’s going to turn out. In an instant, your life can go from being the best to feeling like you fell off a cliff and will never be able to get back up. Then having a life that seems no matter what you do, it just doesn’t work out; in one moment everything you ever dreamed of being and having can show up.

That is what a spiritual warrior understands and it takes a lot of courage from that God Spark within to accept that flow of life versus battling for control all the time. That is how you find inner peace. They are spiritually tough enough to have the trust and faith to know that we don’t ever see the big picture as it unfolds but willing to trust and be fearless enough to allow the idea that some sort of higher power is helping us co-create an experience the soul desired. Why? Who knows? But you are here and living it and that is the courage of a spiritual warrior.

We may not be perfect at it and mess it up, time and time again but we still put one foot in front of another to see what the next day will bring us. Below is a short list of the qualities I think a spiritual warrior might have. I am sure you will see many of them you can own personally.

  1. You take accountability that if you keep on doing the same thing bringing you unhappiness, you will keep on getting unhappiness unless you personally take charge in making a shift to a more positive approach on life; regardless that is seems there is no hope for change at that moment.
  2. Understanding that ‘fearlessness’ is not about NOT being afraid but as the old saying goes; “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”
  3. Blame is never placed on anyone or anything for the craziness that may happen in your life and the world around you. You understand that many factors come into play such as karma, a selfless soul act or creating a chain reaction of good that you cannot see.
  4. You have let go of the belief and idea that things and people need to be fixed and accept that you are only accountable for your responses and reactions. It is not and never should be your job to make things “right.”
  5. You know the difference between surrender and giving up. Surrender is the trust that you cannot control everything and somehow it will work out ok anyway. Giving up is the attitude of; “screw it, why bother, it’s just going to be the same old crap with me never getting what I want.”

Susan Z’s Verdict

The list of how a Spiritual Warrior lives their lives is very, very long but you get the idea of where their energy comes from, the heart, always the heart. That heart is connected to something unseen that we trust, sometimes get pissed at but always knowing that divine presence will come through for us.

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  1. one of my life lessons is I can only control myself and my own actions as opposed to anyone else. I would say yes I am a spiritual warrior and it seems my thirst to know all there is spiritually is an ongoing thing and will never end. Thank you and your group for including me in these daily readings, I do enjoy them very much.